AT St Boswells Mart on Monday John Swan Ltd sold 112 clean cattle, 102 OTM cattle, 3,533 spring lambs and 868 ewes.

Bullocks (56) averaged 195.3p per kg (-0.7 p on the week) and sold to 221p from Bee Edge, gross £1422 from Willowford. Heifers (48) averaged 192.1p per kg (-7.9 p on the week) and sold to 213p from Pathhead and Bee Edge, gross £1428 from Willowford. The eight young bulls averaged 184.4p per kg (+11.0p on the week) and sold to 199p from Thirlestane, gross £1472 from Hownam Grange. The 102 beef type OTM cattle averaged 138p per kg (-3.0p on the week) and sold to 170p from Kersknowe, gross £1538 from Kersknowe.

The 3,533 spring lambs averaged 175.7p per kg (+0.3p on the week) and sold to £85.50 a head from Firm of Saughland and 194.7p per kg from Messrs R.G Barbour and Sons, Crailinghall. The 868 ewes averaged £81.21 (+£4.57 on the week) and sold to £137 from Messrs G.H Stirling and Sons.

Principal prices: Bee Edge 2.21 Denholm Meat Supplies, 2.19 WTS Forsyth and Sons, 2.15 J. Gilmour and Co Ltd, 2.13 Craig Douglas, 2.11 J. Gilmour and Co Ltd; Pathhead 2.15 WTS Forsyth and Sons, 2.13 Robert L. Wilson Butcher Ltd, 2.10 M/s R. Pringle; Traprain 2.11 WTS Forsyth and Sons; Ramrig 2.10 Michael Malone of Edinburgh, Ramrig 2.06 (twice) M/s Moor; East Loanend 2.08 Forth Meat Supplies; Upper Nisbet 2.08 Lees Butchers Ltd; Mervinslaw 2.07 M/s Moor; Lurdenlaw 2.07 WTS Forsyth and Sons.

Cows per head: Kersknowe £1538.50, £1487.50; Brothershiels £1421: Phantassie £1302, £1117.40, £1117.20; Gateshaw £1231.95, £1109.25; Butchercote £1224.30; Hyndsidehill £1201.20; Traprain £1131.90; West Mains £1110.90; Nisbet Mill £1095.60; Kedzlie £1087.20; Howden £1082.30; Bow £1077.30

Spring Lambs met a slightly sharper trade. 39-42 kgs lambs sold to a premium. The sale averaged 175.7p/pkg, £73.61 per head and average weight was 41.9 kg.

Principal prices per head: Tex.x: £85.50 Saughland, £84 (x 4) Huntington, £82.50 Hermiston, £81 Saughland, £80.50 (x3) Huntington, £80 Lower Ashtrees, Huntington and St Leonards, £79.50 Linton Farm and Clarilaw Moor, £79.20 Saugland. Suff.x:- £84 (x 3) Huntington, £79.50 St Leonards, £79 Rumbletonrig, £78 Corsbie, Hyndsidehill, Broom, Craigsford Mains and Mayfield, £77.80 Belmont and Clarilaw Moor, £77.50 Rumbletonrig, Birkenside and St Dunstan, £77 Cragside. Hig:- £74 Rumbletonrig. GF:- £73.50 Lauderhill, £70 Wester Ulston. Cha:- £77 Bedrule, £76 Gilston, £75.80 Thirlestane, £73.20 Ladyflat. HB:- £73.80 Stobshiel and Marvingston, £71.50 Stobshiel. Bel:- £77.50 Wester Deans, £75 (x 2), £74.50 Threeburnford, £73, £71 Wester Deans. Chv:- £70 Crailinghall. Chv.M:- £71 Parkhill. Zwa:-£72.20 Mailingsland. Rom:-£76, £70.80 Towford. Ham:- £68 Whitehouse, A.

A larger show of ewes forward peaking at £137 for a pen of Texel ewes from Bow, easily upheld recent rates.

Cast ewes Tex.x £137, £127 Bow, £123 Wantonwalls, £111 Burnhouse Mains, £107 Bedrule, £103 Mersington Farms, £101 Burnhouse Mains, £99 Brothershiels and Woodhouse, Jed, £97 Wantonwalls, £95 Sorrowlessfield, £91 Mersington. Sfx:- £119 Carterhaugh, £115 Headshaw, L, £113 Sorrowslessfield, £111 Headshaw, L, £109 Mossilee, £107 Bedrule, £99 Brothershiels, £95 Earlston Mains and Linton, £93, Legerwood, £91 Linton and Legerwood. BFL:- £115 Burnhouse Mains. HB:- £109 Smailholm Mains, £85 Blackburn. GF:- £89 Bedrule and Headshaw, L, £87 Bedrule and Woodhouse, A, £85 Mersington, Clarilaw Moor, Carterhaugh, Faughhill, Falside and Sorrowlessfield, £84 Dryden, Smailholm Mains, £83 Dyden and Bedrule. BF £73 Berryfell, £71 Elmscleugh, £69 Falside, £67 Satchells. Bel:- £87 Wester Deans. Chv:- £91 Crailinghall, £77 Saughtree, £75 Satchells, £71 (x2) Saughtree. Rom:- £83 Towford. Chv.x £71 Broomiebank. High:- £95 Carterhaugh, Lle £81, £75 Bedrule, CM:- £85, £79 Brothershiels.

Rams: Tex £125 Sunnycroft, £117 Craigsford. Bel:- £95 Wester Deans.


DURING the week ending Friday, August 19, Border Livestock Exchange Ltd sold 123 prime cattle including 28 cows and cull bulls, 4,115 prime lambs, 2,550 store lambs including 780 ewe lambs, 715 gimmers and 47 store cattle.

Prime cattle continued to strengthen on keen demand from all areas. Home bred Aberdeen Angus heifers from Bonjedward Mill, Jedburgh, sold to 338p per kg and £1,245. Scottish steers from Cairndinnis, Haddington, sold to 330p per kg. Heifers from the same farm sold to 325p per kilo. Continental young bulls sold to 315p from Fawside, Kelso.

This week saw the largest volume of lambs marketed so far this season. These were sold onto a trade that comfortably maintained the firmer levels established last week.


AT their weekly Primestock sale held at Wooler last Wednesday John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 1,830 lambs and 447 ewes.

Lambs forward in larger numbers, more sprit shown from the ring to make averages rise significantly on the week to end at 177.5p per kilo.

Leading prices per Hhead:- =Tex.x:- £81 South Bellshill, £80.50 Burradon Mains (3) and Wandon, £79.50 Chillingham Newtown (2) and South Bellshill, £79 Ladykirk, £78 The Hagg, £77.50 West Longridge and Wandon, £77 Brandon, £76.50 Lorbottle and Linbrig. Suff.x:- £80.50 South Bellshill, £80 Chillingham Newtown and Newstead, £77.50 Brandon, £76.80 Brockley Hall. Char:- £79, £77.50 Wandon. Bel:- £76 Lorbottle. Mule:- £72 Branton Eastside.

Leading prices per kilo:- Tex.x:- 192.9p, 191.3p Linbrig, 191.1p, 189.5p Fowberry Moor, 188.9p Todrig, 188.8p Black Heddon and The Hagg, 188.5p Mindrum, 188.2p Greystonnes, Warenford North, 187.5p Ladykirk, 186.3p Pallinsburn, 185.5p Yetlington Lane, 185.4p, 185p Bewick Folly, 185p Lorbottle and Greystonnes, Warenford North. Suff.x:- 182.9p Shawdon Woodhouse, 180.3p Todrig.

Ewes a larger show and dearer on the week.

Leading prices:- Tex.x:- £120.50 Wrangham East, £112.50 Soutra, £111 Auchencrow Mains. Suff.x:- £120.50 Lickar Moor, £110 Reston Hill, £103 Thornington, £101 Eildon Cottage. Mule:- £85 (2) South Charlton and Thornington, £84 South Charlton and Lickar Moor, £83.50 West Ord. BF:- £66 Branton Eastside, £65 Edlingham Demesne.

Rams:- Tex.x:- £140 Todrig. Suff.x:- £134 Thornington.