Market Prices


AT St Boswells Mart on Monday John Swan Ltd sold 80 clean cattle, 90 OTM cattle, 2,899 spring lambs and 518 ewes.

Bullocks (33) averaged 202.9p per kg (+3.9p on the week) and sold to 222p from Traprain, gross £1409 from Fans. Heifers (39) averaged 196.1p per kg (+4.1p on the week) and sold to 216p from Bee Edge, gross £1250 from Longnewton. The eight young bulls averaged 167.3p per kg (n/c on the week) and sold to 183p from East Deanhead, gross £1513 from Blackadder Mains. The 90 beef type OTM cattle averaged 138.3p per kg (n/c on the week) and sold to 198p from Quixwood, gross £1478 from Saughland.

The 2,899 spring lambs averaged 178.9p per kg (-10.3p on the week) and sold to £86 a head from M/s Rennie and Son and 193.4p per kg from M/s Murray, Redden. The 518 ewes averaged £78.95 (-£1.15 on the week) and sold to £127 from M/s Laing and Sons, Oxmuir.

Principal prices: Traprain 2.22 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons, 2.12 Woodhead Bros.; Bee Edge 2.16 Robert Wilson Butcher, 2.14 WTS Forsyth and Sons, 2.11 M/s J Gilmour and Co Ltd; Wester Ulston 2.15 WTS Forsyth and Sons, 2.14 Craig Douglas, 2.10 M/s J Gilmour and Co Ltd.

Cows per head: Saughland £1478.40; East Loanhead £1461.25, £1122.55; East Horton £1330; Wester Middleton £1270.50, £1065.35; Mosstower £1157.65; Quixwood £1142.40; Oakwood £1124.95, £1073.10; Headshaw L £1121.80; Craigsford Mains £1101.10, £1098.10, £1094.75; Traprain £1080.40.

Cows per kg: Quixwood 1.98, 1.68, 1.57, 1.52; East Horton 1.80; East Loanhead 1.75; Mosstower 1.69; Saughland 1.68, 1.58, 1.57; Wester Middleton 1.65; Craigsford Mains 1.58, 1.54; Headshaw.L (2); Hoselaw 1.54.

Bulls: Haltree £1117.35(117p)

On Monday 2,899 spring lambs were forward, selling to £86 and 193.4p per kg for a pen of Texels, the sale averaged 178.9p, £74.71 per head and average weight 41.8kg.

Principal prices per head: Tex;- £86 Sydenham, £85 Kirklands, £84.50 2 Traprain Cottages, £83.80 Huntington, £82.80 Threeburnford, £82.50 Acreknowe, £82 Huntington, £81 Kirkton, £80.80 Wester Ulston, £80 Lower Ashtrees, Huntington and Saughland, Suff.x;- £83.80, £80 Huntington, £79.20 Gledswood, £78.80 Burnhouse Mains, £78.80 Huntington and Saughland, £78 Huntington, GF;- £73.50 Outerston, £73 Burncastle, £72.50 Wedderlie, Bel;- £75.80 Upper Tofts, £72.80 Corsehope, HB;- £78.50 Craiglea, £74.50 Stobshiel, BF;- £66 Burncastle.

Principal prices per kg: Tex;- 193.4 Redden, 190.5 Huntington, 188.5 Torsonce, 187.3 St Leonards, 187.2 Over Langshaw, 186.7 Crailing Nook, Suffx;-189.5 Maidenhall, 187.8 Middlethird, 186.5 Broomiebank and Ruletownhead, 186.3 Lochside and Priesthaugh, 185 Acreknowe, GF;- 180.5 Drinkstone, 179.5 Blackburn Mill, 177.4 Drinkstone, 175 Blackburn Mill, 178.8 Burncastle, Beltex;- 186.7 Corsehope, HB;- 174.4 Craiglea.

A larger show of cast ewes forward peaking at £127 for a pen of Suffolks.

Cast ewes: Suff;- £127, £109 Oxmuir, Suff.x;- £117 Birkenside, £115 Legerwood, £109 Huntington, £107 Woodhouse, £106 Blackburn Mill, £105 Legerwood, Tex;- £115 Huntington, £112 Lower Ashtrees, £105 2 Traprain Cottages, £98 Blackburn Mill, £97 Huntington, £89 Craiglea, GF;- £93 Woodhouse, £92 Carterhaugh, £91 Birkenside and Legerwood, £90 Burnhouse of Tynet, Chev;- £91 Saughtree, £90 Stobshiel, £87 Satchels and Stobshiel, Lleyn;- £85 Ruletownhead, £83 Torsonce, £77 Ruletownhead, HB;- £91 Ecclaw. BF;- £75 Woodhouse.

Rams: Tex;- £93 Birkenside.


THE Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 71 prime cattle, two young bulls, 37 over 30 month cattle, 5,419 prime lambs and 6,156 cast ewes and rams at their weekly sale at Longtown last Thursday.

Another big show of 71 prime cattle saw keen bidders ensure prices were up on the week. Prices peaked at 213.5p for a Limousin steer from Mr A. Irving, Toppin Castle, purchased by W. Kirkup, Butcher, Longtown. Heifers topped at 211.5p for a Limousin from Messrs J.W. Vevers, High Stenries, purchased by Border Meats Wholesaler Butcher, Lockerbie. Mr Irvings run of cattle levelled at 210.3p, with Mr Vevers cattle averaging 204.5p.

A better show of over 30 month cattle saw another firm trade throughout. Limousin cows topped at 143.5p from R.M. and P. Armstrong, Slealands and 138.5p from T.L. Hogg and Son, Ryehills.

A largest show of the season so far saw 5,419 prime lambs forward to the usual ring of buyers with trade following this week’s national trend and averaging 181p per kilo.


DURING the weekend ending Friday, August 5, Border Livestock Exchange Ltd sold 116 prime cattle, 2,464 prime sheep and 82 store and breeding cattle.

Prime cattle again showed signs of firming with Cont x heifers from Holydean Farm, Melrose, selling to 323p per kg. A fantastic consignment of 16 Cont x steers from Easington Grange, Belford, sold to 321p per kg and averaged £1218 per head. Charolais heifers from Fenwick Steads, Belford, also sold well hitting 320p per kg. The dearest trade experienced so far for cast cows resulted in the highest prices achieved per head with Simmental cross cows from North Lyham, Chatton, selling to 280p per kg and £1212 per head. Top quality dairy cows from Lemington Farm, Reston, sold to £1089 and £1055 per head. Mature E Grade Belgian Blue bulls from Bowsden Moor, Berwick, reached 310p per kg.

Lambs were easier on the week with heavier lambs in demand. Texel lambs from Edlingham Demesne, Alnwick, and Pallinsburn Estates, Cornhill, sold to 440p per kg. Tughall Farm, Chathill, sold to 435p per kg. Cont x lambs from South Riccalton, Jedburgh, sold to 425p per kg.