John Swan Ltd sold 121 clean cattle, 105 OTM cattle, 2589 spring lambs and 748 ewes

Bullocks (53) averaged 197.1p per kg (+2.6p on the week) and sold to 221p from Bee Edge, gross £1464 from Longnewton

Heifers (54) averaged 194.2p per kg, (+3.0 p on the week), and sold to 216p from Bee Edge, gross £1241 from Lurdenlaw

The 14 young bulls averaged 194.5p per kg, (+13.3p on the week), and sold to 199p from Thirlestane, gross £1313 from Haughhead

The 105 beef type OTM cattle averaged 140.7p per kg, (+0.5p on the week), and sold to 180p from Kirkton, gross £1326 from West Mains, Lauder

The 2589 spring lambs averaged 204.9p per kg,(-8.3p on the week) and sold to £108.50 a head from A McCreadie, Upper Tofts and 226.6p per kg from Huntington Partnership.

The 748 ewes averaged £90.57 (+£4.44 on the week), and sold to £141 from N Harvey, Blackadder Mains.

Principal Prices: Bee Edge 2.21 M/s WTS Forsyth & Sons, 2.17 Woodhead Bros., 2.16 Malone of Edinburgh; Traprain 2.19 M/s WTS Forsyth & Sons; Upper Nisbet 2.16 M/s WTS Forsyth & Sons; Cockburn 2.13 Charles Wilson, 2.10 Woodhead Bros.; Snawdon 2.13, 2.08, Woodhead Bros; Lurdenlaw 2.12, 2.08 Woodhead Bros.; Humbie Mill 2.11 Halliwells Butchers; Standhill 2.09; Caverton Mill 2.09 Malone of Edinburgh.

Cows per head: Corsbie £1309; Girrick £1230; Corsbie £1224.50,£1148; Kingside £1209.30,£1065.75; Kedzlie £1209; Penston £1175.30; Stobswood £1140.75; Upper Nisbet £1092; Branton East Side £1067.60; Traprain £1066.50.

Cows per kg: Kirkton 1.80; Fullerton 1.78; Kingside 1.74; North Deanhead 1.72; Crosslee 1.71; Corsbie 1.70, 1.64;Stobswood 1.69, 1.66; Phantassie 1.68; Upper Nisbet 1.68; Traprain 1.64; Girrick 1.64; Towford 1.63; Penston 1.61; Faughhill 1.59.

Bulls: West Mains £1326(1.20); Butchercote £1235(1.30); Ecclaw £1148.85(1.11); Edlington Newtown £1148(1.29).

On Monday all classes of spring lambs sold readily, selling to £108.50 for Beltex and 226.6p per kg for Suffolks.

Lambs per head: Suff;- £106.50, £97.50 Huntington, £96.50 Crookston & Gilston, £96 Thirlestane, Tex; £106 Saughland, £105 Huntington, £104 Hartside, Oxton, HB;- £94.80 Haltree, CM;- £83 Philiphaugh, Beltex;- £105 Hartside, Oxton, Char;- £80.20 Middlestead, Chev;- £85 Brockhouse, Oxford;- £85.50 Townhead. C.

Lambs per kg: Suff;- 216.7 Huntington, 214.4 Crookston, 211.5 Thornington, Tex;- 223.4,222.7 Huntington, 222.4 Redden, 221.8 Craighouse, HB;- 206.1 Haltree, CM;- 200 Gilston, Beltex;- 217,215.1 Upper Tofts, Chev;- 202.4 Brockhouse, Oxford;- 202.1 Townhead C.

Cast Ewes, Rams & Hoggs met a massive trade for all classes, peaking at £141 for a pen of Texels.

Cast Ewes: Tex;- £134.50 Lower Ashtrees, £130.50 Hermiston, £128.50 Elmscleugh, Suff;- £138.50 Muircleugh, £127.50,£125 Edrom Mains, £123.50 Thirlestane & Mardon, GF;- £101 West Newton, £99.50 Drum, Edinburgh, £98.50 Faughhill, HB;- £118 Haltree, £112 Marvingston & Marigold, BF;- £94 Burnhouse Mains, £84.50 Elmscleugh, Chev;- £114.50 Haltree, CM;- £118.50 Ecclaw, £111 Craighouse, HEB;- £59 Crumstane, Lleyn;- £90.50 Dryburgh Mains, Welsh;- £56.50 Shielswood.

Rams: Tex;- £127 Roxburgh Mains, BF;- £90 Burnhouse Mains, BFL;- £110 Burnhouse Mains, Suff;- £123 Burnhouse Mains, Beltex;-£125.50 Burnhouse Mains, Lleyn;- £108.50 Dryburgh Mains.


Border Livestock Exchange Ltd to week ending Friday 8th July 2011 sold 93 Prime Cattle including 26 Cows and Bulls, 1,264 Prime Lambs including 147 Ewes, 71 Store and Breeding Cattle.

Prime Cattle were firmer on the week with numbers short and demand very good. Aberdeen Angus x Bullocks from Bonjedward Mill, Jedburgh sold to 335p per kilo to Well Hung and Tender, Berwick-upon-Tweed. Young Bulls from Tower Martin, Wooler sold to 310p per kilo. Cast Cows sold to 305p per kilo and £1,406 per head from Tullochallum, Dufftown for 15 Home Bred Organic Limousin Crosses. Home Bred Saler Cows from Lowick Hall sold to 270p per kilo and £1,127 per head. Stabiliser x Cows from Easington Grange, Belford sold to 265p per kilo and £1,131.

Prime Lambs continue to sell well above last years levels with Organic Lambs from Shieldykes, Alnwick selling to £107.10 and 510p per kilo. Other Organics from Tullochallum, Dufftown sold to £98.70 and 470p per kilo. Continental x from Cresswell Farms, Belford sold to £90.30 and 430p. Lleyn x from Hardenpeel, Jedburgh sold to 433p and £90.93. Texel x from Tughall Farm, Chathill to 430p and £90.30.

Saler x Heifers with Aberdeen Angus x Calves sold to £1,500. 7 to 8 Month Old Belgian Blue x Dairy Heifers sold to £500. Organic Short Horn Cows with Spring Born with Hereford Calves at Foot sold to £1,220.


At their weekly Primestock sale held at Wooler last Wednesday John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 1,325 lambs and 185 hoggs, young sheep and ewes.

Lambs forward in larger numbers, but quality was easily maintained, all classes keenly bid for to almost keep levels at last week’s trade, overall average 205.2p.

Leading prices per head: Tex.x:- £97.50, £97 Clarabad Mill, £95.50 West Longridge, £94 South Charlton, £93 South Bellshill, £92 Wandon, £91 Holy Island and Edlingham Newtown, £90 Ladykirk and South Bellshill. Suff.x:- £93, £91.50 Holy Island, £91.50 Branton Eastside. Char:- £92.50 Wandon. Bel.x:- £92.50 Clarabad Mill, £89.50 Chillingham Home Farm.

Leading prices per kilo:- Bel.x:- 232.9p, 227.6p, 225p, 223.7p Chillingham Home Farm. Tex.x:- 225.7p Fowberry Moor, 220.5p, 216.3p Village Farm, Seahouses, 214.9p Yetlington Lane, 213.8p Gatherick, 213.4p Branton Eastside, 211.9p Wandon, 211.3p Yetlington Lane and Ladykirk. Suff.x:- 221.6p Fowberry Moor.

Ewe numbers also larger, all classes dearer on the week.

Leading prices:- Tex.x:- £145, £125 Wrangham East, £119 Clarabad Mill, £118 Clarabad Mill and Newstead, £113 Milfield Demesne. Suff.x:- £121 Chatton Broomhouse, £118 Thornington, £115 Milfield Demesne, £113 Mayfield, £110 Thornington. Char:- £113 Wrangham East. Mule:- £90 Berryhill. BF:- £72 West Longridge.


The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 73 prime cattle, 4 young bulls, 34 over thirty month cattle, 2,568 prime lambs and 4,790 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 7th July, 2011.

A larger show of 73 prime cattle were on offer and met a remarkable trade topping at 207.5p for a Limousin bullock from A. Irving, Toppin Castle with a Limousin heifer from the same home selling at 204.5p, both being purchased by W. Kirkup & Sons, Butchers, Longtown. Mr Irvings run of 4 cattle levelled at 204.7p.