AT St Boswells Mart on Monday John Swan Ltd sold 113 clean cattle, 65 OTM cattle, 1,272 spring vlambs, 404 prime hoggs and 285 ewes. Bullocks (55) averaged 190p per kg (+8.0p on the week) and sold to 209p, gross £1389 from Lurdenlaw.

Heifers (50) averaged 190.3p per kg (+8.5p on the week) and sold to 207p from Bee Edge, gross £1263 from Dunslaw.

The eight young bulls averaged 168.8p per kg (+1.6p on the week) and sold to 180p from Aikeyside, gross £1318 from Phantassie.

The 62 beef type OTM cattle averaged 137p per kg(+9.5p on the week) and sold to 185p from East Loanend, gross £1346 from Lauder West Mains. The three dairy type OTM cattle sold to 109p gross £708 from Traprain.

The 1,272 spring lambs averaged 234.1p per kg (-18p on the week) and sold to £122 a head for Suffolks from M/s Clarkson, Upper Bolton, and 251.4p per kg for Texels from M/s Rennie, Sydenham.

The 404 prime hoggs averaged 197.9p per kg (+2.2p on the week) and sold to £118.50 a head for Beltex from M/s Glennie, Threeburnford and 222.5p per kg for Texels from ATC Dodds, Bonjedward Mill.

The 285 ewes averaged £97.66 (+£8.07 on the week) and sold to £138.50 for Texels from M/s Kirk and Sons, Bettyfield.

Principal prices: Lurdenlaw 2.09 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons; Caverton Mill 2.08 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons; Bee Edge 2.07(2) Craig Douglas and M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons, 2.04(2) Munro Ltd and Denholm Meat Supplies; Aikeyside 2.01; Upper Nisbet 2.062.06, 2.02 Woodhead Bros., 2.00 Gosford Bothy Farm Shop; Kirkton 2.05 M/s R Pringle, 2.03; Herdmanston Mains 2.04 Lees Butchers, 2.02 Ramsay Anderson Butchers; 1.99 Woodhead Bros.

Cows per head: South Ord £1303.75, £1102; Saughland £1169.65; Wester Ulston £1127,£1093.85; Traprain £1101.60,£1043.70, £1022.35; Ruletownhead £1050.45; East Loanhead £1045.25; Blegbie £1033.20; Caverton Mill £1029.60; Over Roxburgh £1028.60.

Cows per kg: East Loanhead 1.85, 1.57; Huntington 1.75; Saughland 1.74, 1.49; Blegbie 1.68; Wester Ulston 1.67, 1.61; Traprain 1.61,1.53,1.50; Wester Middleton 1.59; South Ord 1.52,1.49; Cockburn 1.48; Hoprigshiels 1.48.

Bulls: West Mains Lauder £1346 (1.02), Huntington £1339 (1.30), Papple £1276

A larger show of lambs was forward, with a full ringside of buyers in attendance, selling to £122 for Suffolks and 251.4p per kg for Texels.

Lambs per head: Suff;- £119.50 Saughland, £118 Mersington, £117.50 Upper Bolton, Tex;- £114.20 Thirlestane, £113.80 Rumbletonrig, £112 Birkenside, Camieston and Lochside, Zwar;- £109.50 Eildon Mains, Char;- £111.50 Penston.

Lambs per kg: Suff;- 245.4 Upper Bolton, 245 Camieston, 244,242.7,241.4 Upper Bolton, Tex;- 250 Lochside, 248.2 Thirlestane, 247.4 Rumbletonrig and Colmslie, ML;- 227.9 Fairnilee, Zwar;- 119 Eildon Mains, Char;- 240.5 Penston.

Another good show of prime hoggs was on offer with quality Hoggs still selling well in excess of 200p a kilo, peaking at £118.50 for Beltex’ and 222.5p per kg for Texels.

Hoggs per head: Suff;- £111.50 Bonjedward Mill, £111 Colmsliehill, Tex;- £116 Craigsford Mains and Sunnycroft, £107.50 Bonjedward Mill, GF;- £101.50 Greenhead. S Chev;- £103.50 Colmsliehill, BF;- £80 Hillhouse, EC;- £80.50 Whiteburn,

Hoggs per: Suff;- 210.4 Bonjedward Mill, 208.1 Gateside, Tex;- 212.7,211.5,210.7 Gateside, GF;- 204.2 Fairnilee, 203 Greenhead.S, Beltex;- 202.2 Gateside, Chev;- 210.5 Gateside.

Cast ewes and rams met a massive trade, selling to £138.50 for Texels.

Cast ewes:. Suff;- £137.50 Huntington, £134 East Port, Grantown, £133 Upper Bolton, HB;- £129 Upper Bolton, £124.50 Wester Middleton, Chev Mule;- £90.50 Colmsliehill, Tex;- £134.50 Colmsliehill, £127 Elmscleugh, BF;- £76.20 Hillhouse, GF;- £99 Penston, £97.50 Taitshill, Chev;- £105 Colmsliehill.

John Swan Limited, St Boswells presented 792 lots at their June Machinery Sale with a near 90% clearance achieved.

Selected prices: JCB 3CX (2008) £30,000 (twice); John Deere 2040 (X)£3950; Ford 4000 Tractor £1900; Kubota L2850 Tractor £1900; Kubota B6200 Tractor £1450; Mitsubishi Shogun (99) £1100; Landrover Defender (Y) £2500; Honda ATVs to £1000; Kawaski ATVs £900, £750; MF Bale Trailer £2920; MF Grain Trailers £2450; £2250, £1700 and £1500.

Fraser Grain Trailers £3500 and £1000; Stenhouse Postdriver £2900; JD 1360 Mower £1220; Fahr Mowers £600 and £420; Kuhn Mowers to £900; Weedwipes £700 and £500 (twice); Ifor Williams Livestock Trailers £1500 and £950; Ifor Williams Plant Trailers £1000, £920, £850 and £600; Hudson Livestock Trailer £1400; Cheiftain Dump Trailer £1500.

Rice Horsebox £700; Mobile Dipper £900; NH376 Baler £700; NH945 Baler £1700; Kubota Toppers £600 and £520; Grassacre Topper £480; Kidd Topper £480; Silage Grab £580; Dual Wheels £600; Row Crop Wheels £500; 4 Bale Transporter £680; Bamlett Rollers £1020; Haybobs to £880; Root Bucket £500; Sawbenches to £400; Grain Buckets £580 and £480; Swaithwilter £1120; Grays Bale Squeeze £780; Fleetwood Caravan £750; Twin Axle Bale Trailer £1350; Calf Creeps £420, £400 and £360; Lamb Creeps £230.



BORDER Livestock Exchange, week ending Friday June 31 sold 131 prime cattle, 52 cows, 772 prime lambs including 211 cast ewes and 142 store and breeding cattle.

Prime cattle trade shows signs of firming as numbers begin to tighten. Prices – Holydean Farms, Melrose sold Simmental x Heifers to 315p/kg to average £1,204. Crookhouse Farm, Kelso sold continental x bullocks to 312p. Continental x bbullocks from Butchercote, St Boswells sold to 310p/kg. Butcher weight heifers from Fenwick Steads and Smeafield Belford sold to 310p. Young bulls from West Learmouth, Cornhill on Tweed sold to 305p/kg for Aberdeen Angus crosses.

Prime lambs continue to sell well with best quality Texel crosses reaching 555p/kg from Gainslaw Hill, Berwick upon Tweed. Medium weights from Cornhill Farm and Easington Grange, Belford to 510p/kg. Organic Hoggs from Tullochallum, Keith sold to 480p/kg.

Store cattle: Hereford x bullocks and heifers sold to 180p/kg with ¾ Limousin crosses selling to 200p/kg. Aberdeen Angus x cows with Shorthorn cross calves at foot sold to £1,150 for 60 head.


AT their weekly Primestock Sale held at Wooler last Wednesday John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 273 new season lambs, 80 hoggs and 112 ewes.

Trade of new season lambs was in keeping with the rest of the country selling to £118.50 for Suffolk’s from Lilburn Estates (Roseden) and 256.6p for Texel’s from R. Bradbury, Black Heddon.

Leading prices per head - Suff.x:- £118.50, £90.50 Lilburn Estates (Roseden), £114 Chatton Broomhouse, £102.50 Holy Island. Tex.x:- £113 West Longridge, £108.50 Holy Island, £107 Holy Island. Char:- £115 Lorbottle.

Leading prices per kilo – Tex.x:- 256.6p Black Heddon, 248.8p (2) Chatton Broomhouse, 248.8p Holy Island. Suff.x:- 250p Holy Island, 235.1p Shipley Lane, 234.4p Hillcrest Livestock. Char:- 230p Lorbottle.

Hoggs sold to extreme rates for the time of year selling to £116 for Suffolk’s from The Peels and 214.9p for Texel’s from Cockhall.

Leading prices per head:- Suff.x:- £116 The Peels, £114 Holy Island, £99.80 Wandon, £94.50 The Peels. GF:- £105 Newstead, £88 West Longridge. Tex.x:- £96.50 Wandon, £94 Cockhall, £91.80 The Peels, £91.50 Lorbottle. Char:- £81 Lorbottle. Chev:- £83.50 Shotton.

All classes of cast ewes and rams sold at extreme rates peaking at £138.50 for Texel’s from J.W. Easton, South Ditchburn.

Other leading prices:- Tex.x:- £133.50 Bowsden Moor. Suff.x:- £130 Bowsden Moor. BFL:- £115 Edlingham Newtown. HB:- £110.50 Wandon. GF:- £94.50 Brackenside, £92 Brackenside, £92 Broadmeadows. BF:- £82 Edlingham Newtown. Jac:- £76.50 Chillingham Newtown.


THE Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 56 prime cattle, one young bull, 25 over 30 month cattle, 604 spring lambs, 1,900 prime hoggs and 3,870 cast ewes and rams at their weekly sale at Longtown last Thursday.

Another good show of prime cattle saw trade sharper on the week, selling to a top of 198.5p for a British Blue bullock from Mr A. Irving, Topping Castle, purchased by W. Kirkup and Sons, Butchers, Longtown. Mr Irving sold a run of bullocks and heifers to average 196.6p.

Principal prices per kilo: Bullocks, British Blue – 198.5p Toppin Castle.

Limousin – 197.5p Toppin Castle, 192.5p Dashwell Green, 189.5p The Gill, 188.5p Dashwell Green and The Gill, 187.5p The Gill, 185.5p, 184.5p Dashwell Green, 184.5p, 183.5p The Gill.

Charolais – 188.5p The Haining House, 173.5p Fenton Farm.

Heifers, Limousin – 197.5p Toppin Castle, 195.5p The Yett, 192.5p Toppin Castle, 174.5p Wicket Thorn.

Charolais – 182.5p, 177.5p Sceughdyke, 175.5p, 174.5p Wicket Thorn.

British Blue – 178.5p Hallburn.

Principal prices per head: Bullocks, Limousin – £1,368, £1,367, £1,317, £1,300 The Gill, £1,283 Toppin Castle.

British Blue – £1,310 Toppin Castle.

Heifers, Charolais – £1,198, £1,167, £1,151 Wicket Thorn. Limousin – £1,145, £1,106 Toppin Castle.

Young bulls sold to 156.5p (£939) for Angus from Barron House.

Over 30 month cattle met a brisk trade throughout with Limousin bullocks selling to 174.5p from J.F. and I. Armstrong, Nether Onsett and Limousin cows to 137.5p and 136.5p Burnfoot on Esk.

Principal prices per kilo: Cows, Limousin – 137.5p, 136.5p, 130.5p Burnfoot on Esk, 130.5p, 126.5p Greystoke Castle, 124.5p The Nook. British Blue – 124.5p Burnfoot on Esk. Galloway – 119.5p Netherhill.

Black and White – 102.5p Hethermill. Steers, Limousin – 174.5p Nether Onsett.

Principal prices per head: Cows, Limousin – £1,058, £1,003, £861 Burnfoot on Esk, £815 (x2) Greystoke Castle.

British Blue – £921 Burnfoot on Esk.

Black and White – £594 Hethermill.

Steers, Limousin – £977 Nether Onsett.

A grand show of 604 spring lambs was forward and were in demand. More could have been sold to advantage.

The sale average was 240.5p per kilo, which was far better than anticipated in comparison to most mid week trades.

The sale was topped at 299p per kilo and £113.50 per head for Texels from Golden Lane.

Another fine show of 1,900 hoggets forward were keenly sought after for all classes.

Again good flesh was best sold and hoggs shall continue to be required for a few more weeks yet.

Top per kilo of 243p for Texels from Derwent House with a top per head of £136.50 for North Country Cheviots from Red House Farm.

The 513 lightweight hoggets sold to £82.50 for Texels from Derwent House; Hill Cheviot £75.50 Winterhope, £74.20 Newbigging; Beltex £74.50 Winterhope; Herdwick £74.20 Golden Lane; Greyface £73.50 Golden Lane; Blackface £73.50 Underburnmouth, £68.20 Golden Lane.

Another very good show of 3,870 cast ewes and rams, which met an animated trade to a full ring of buyers with trade being £5 up on the week for ewes and the ram average being £20 up on the week.

Small and lean selling ewes remain very dear by comparison