AT St Boswells Mart on Monday John Swan Ltd sold 117 clean cattle, 78 OTM cattle, 54 spring lambs 1,052 prime hoggs and 402 ewes.

Bullocks (64) averaged 189.2p per kg (-6p on the week) and sold to 211p, gross £1501 from Inland Pastures. Heifers (53) averaged 185.7p per kg (-7.4p on the week) and sold to 205p, gross £1240 from Shidlaw. The 74 beef type OTM cattle averaged 128.2p per kg and sold to 155p from Kittyfield, gross £1447 from Priesthaugh. The two dairy type OTM cattle averaged 117p per kg and sold to 127p, gross £920 from Thornington.

The 54 spring lambs averaged 275p per kg (+4.4p on the week) and sold to £130 a head and 295.5p per kg from M/s W Fleming and Sons, Lochside. The 1,052 prime hoggs averaged 236.4p per kg (+1.6p on the week) and sold to £130 a head from M/s Baird, Lurdenlaw and 276.3p per kg from GM Durno, Cuttlebrae, Buckie. The 402 ewes averaged £84.72 and sold to £160 from Firm of Saughland, Pathhead and S and G Sutherland, New Channelkirk.

Principal prices: Inland Pastures 2.11 M/s Moor, 2.10, 207 and 1.98 Woodhead Bros; Bee Edge 2.08 M/s Moor, 1.98 Malone of Edinburgh; Shidlaw 2.03 and 1.98 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons, 1.99,; West Meikle 2.02, 2.00 Malone of Edinburgh; Gospelhall 2.01 Denholm Meat Supplies; Nisbet Mill 1.99, 1.98 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons.

Cows per head: Crammond Hill £1202.40, £1075.45; Corsbie £110.90, £1051.03, £956.30; Northhouse £1078.63; Harehead £1043.70, £977.55, £950; Kittyfield £999.73; Traprain £993.25, £945.30; Mailingsland £970.20; Mersington £950.

Cows per kg: Kittyfield 1.55; Northhouse 1.53; Corsbie 1.47,1.38; Harehead 1.47; Craigend 1.48; Crammond Hill 1.44, 1.37; Rumbleton 1.41, 1.38; Traprain 1.38, 1.37, 1.36; Trows 1.37; Todshawhaugh 1.37.

Bulls: Priesthaugh £1447.55 (1.31p), Orchard Mains £1323.10 (1.31p).

On Monday well fleshed hoggs were short of requirements and dearer, selling to £130 and 276.3p per kg for Cheviots. New season lambs met a great interest, selling to £130 and 295.5p per kg for Texels. Cast ewes and rams sold at extreme rates with all classes dearer, selling to £160 for Suffolks.

Leading prices, hoggs per head:- Tex;- £127 Sydenham, £124 Mardon and Greenriggs, £123 Wedderlie, £122.50 Mardon, £122 Eildon Mains and Elliston, Suff;- £125 Bonjedward Mill, £124 Mardon and Brotherstone, £121 Lurdenlaw, £120 Nether Tofts, Chev;- £130, £124.50 Lurdenlaw, £124 North Synton, £117.50 Lurdenlaw, Chev.x;- £115 Mardon, £109.50 Larriston, BF;- £109.50 Larriston, GF;- £120 Woodhouse.P, Zwar;- £104 Billiemains.

Hoggs per kg: Tex;- 265.6 Lurdenlaw, Woodhouse.P, 261.9 Sunwick/Seafield L, 261.6 Whitlaw, 261.4 Mardon, Suff;- 268.9 Lurdenlaw, 267.1 Mid Edrom, 260.7 Sunwick/Seafield L, 255.8 Craighouse, 255.6 Bonjedward Mill, Chev;- 273.3, 272.1, 269.6, 265.3 Lurdenlaw, 264.6 Larriston/Saughtree/Thorlieshope, Chev.x;- 255.6 Mardon, BF;- 240.2 Larriston/ Saughtree.

Spring Lambs per head: Tex;- £130 Lochside, £123 Redheugh G, £120 Wooplaw, Suff;- £128, £124 Redheugh G, £122 Newheavan, £120 Edrom Mains.

Spring Lambs per kg: Tex;- 295.5, 290.2 Lochside, 286.1 Redheugh G, 279.3 Edrom Mains, Suff;- 285.7 Edrom Mains, 282.1 Myreside.

Cast Ewes: Suff;- £150 Lochside, £144 Greenhead R, £141 Myreside, £138 Capielaw, Tex;- £139 Saughland, £134 Mossburnford, £133 Sorrlessfield Mains, £123.50 Wooplaw, BF;- £90 Blawearie, £80 Clarilaw Muir, BFL;- £117 Burnhead. P, GF;- £113 Saughland, £111 Mossburnford, £110 Sorrlessfield Mains, Chev;- £110.50 Woodside, £105 Halidean Mill, £104 Craighouse, HB;- £115.50 Haltree, £115 Bonjedward Mill, Chev Mule;- £129 Mossburnford, Zwar;- £116 Billiemains, Shet;- £66 Seafield L/Sunwick.

Rams: BFL;- £96 Burnhead P, Tex;- £137 Edrom Mains, Suff;- £136,£135 Saughland, Zwar;- £140 Eildon Mains, Beltex;- £100 Eildon Mains.


AT their weekly Primestock sale held at Wooler last Wednesday John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 576 hoggs, five spring lambs and 267 ewes.

A very mixed show of hoggs, fleshed types easily sold, all classes similar.

Leading prices per head:- Bel;-£140, £136, £133(2) Elsdonburn. Suff.x;- £132 Castlelaw, £125 West Newbiggin, £124.50 Newstead, £120 Elsdonburn and Chesterhill. Tex;- £132 Wrangham East, £128 Low Middleton, £125 Henlaw, £122 Low Middleton and Wrangham, £120 Castlelaw. BF;- £126 Elsdonburn. Chev;- £118, £114 Elsdonburn. Mule;- £116 Elsdonburn.

Leading prices per kilo:- Bel:- 295.6p, 272p Elsdonburn. Chev;- 274.4p Elsdonburn, 261.1p, 260p Humbleheugh, 259.1p Elsdonburn, 257.7p Shotton. Tex;- 270.5p Elsdonburn, 269.2p Shotton, 252.4p West Longridge. BF;- 267.1p(2) Elsdonburn. Mule;- 246.8p Elsdonburn.

Ewes also a plainer show, late rates maintained.

Leading prices per head:- Tex;- £145 Wrangham East, £124 North Sharperton, £116 Kettleburn and Low Middleton. Suff.x;- £138 Roddam Estates, £137 Wandon, £134, £127 Mayfield, £120 South Falaknowe. HB;- £137 Wandon. Mule;- £115 Mayfield, £111 South Falaknowe. C.M;- £109 Bewick Folly. Chev;- £94 Humbleheugh. RAMS: Tex;-£148 Black Heddon. Suff;- £138 Mayfield. BFL;- £118 Lamberton.

At their fortnightly store sale last Tuesday John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 179 store cattle.

Cattle a mainly predominant show of yearlings with more heifers than steers on offer. Trade remaining at the late rates.

Leading prices per head - Steers:- Lim.x:- £1080, £870 Ladykirk, £820 Brockley Hall. Sim.x;- £830 Elsdonburn. PA.x;- £800 North Lyham. Heifers:- Lim.x:- £870 Elsdonburn. BB.x;- £830 Elsdonburn. PA.x;- £820 North Lyahm. BRB.x;- £800(2) Elsdonburn.

Leading prices per kilo – Steers:- Lim.x;- 209.7p, 203p Wandon, 200.3p Shotton. AA.x;-200.7p The Hagg. Heifers:- Blonde;- 202.7p Elsdonburn. BB.x;- 198p, 195.8p, 193p Elsdonburn.


THE Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 74 prime cattle, 10 young bulls, 23 over 30 month cattle, 5,418 prime hoggs and 3,391 cast ewes and rams at their weekly sale at Longtown last Thursday.

Another good show of 74 prime cattle forward saw averages up 6p on the week. Messrs R. Neill, Upper Tinwald, sold a run of bullocks to average 198.6p and topped the sale with a British Blue bullock selling at 208.5p. Charolais heifers topped at 201.5p from J. and N. Blaylock and Son, Hallburn.

Principal prices per kilo: Bullocks, British Blue – 208.5p Upper Tinwald, 184.5p Dashwell Green. Bazadaise – 198.5p, 192.5p The Haining House. Limousin – 196.5p Upper Tinwald, 195.5p, 192.5p Dashwell Green, 192.5p The Gill and Upper Tinwald, 191.5p Dashwell Green, 190.5p The Gill, 188.5p Dashwell Green. Charolais – 189.5p, 184.5p High Stenries, 184.5p Fenton Farm.

Heifers, Limousin – 199.5p Beckhall, 194.5p Dashwell Green, 193.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 191.5p Dashwell Green, Wyseby Hill Cottage and Hallburn, 190.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 187.5p Dashwell Green. Charolais – 201.5p Hallburn, 190.5p Wicket Thorn, 184.5p Hallburn, 173.5p Wicket Thorn. British Blue – 194.5p Beckhall, 190.5p Houghton House, 188.5p High Stenries.

Principal prices per head: Bullocks, Limousin – £1,365 Houghton House, £1,362 The Gill, £1,359 Dashwell Green, £1,337, £1,329, £1,323, £1,299 The Gill, £1,299, £1,296 Upper Tinwald, £1,292 Dashwell Green. Charolais - £1,328, £1,279 High Stenries.

Heifers, Charolais – £1,219, £1,205, £1,181 Wicket Thorn, £1,168 Hallburn, £1,119 Wicket Thorn. British Blue – £1,187 High Stenries, £1,147 Beckhall. Limousin – £1,159 Beckhall, £1,101, £1,087 Wyseby Hill Cottage.

Prime bulls met a buoyant trade and more numbers could have been sold to fill buyer’s orders. Charolais bulls to 171.5p from J.A. and D. Forster, Gillalees.

Principal prices per kilo: Charolais – 171.5p Gillalees, 169.5p Catslackburn. Limousin - 166.5p, 163.5p Shaw of Dryfe. British Blue - 165.5p Shaw of Dryfe. Angus – 164.5p Shankcastle. Holstein – 141.5p Becton Hall and Gillalees.

Principal prices per head: Charolais – £1,305 Catslackburn, £1,114 Gillalees.

OTM cattle were a similar trade with top prices of 125.5p and 123.5p for Limousins from W.H. and D.A. Gass, Nunscleugh.

Principal prices per kilo: Limousin - 125.5p, 123.5p Nunsleugh, 121.5p, 119.5p High Stenries, 119.5p Nunscleugh, 107.5p Tinnis Hall.

Black and White – 112.5p Becton Hall, 111.5p High Plains. British Blue – 112.5p Netherhill.

Another massive show of 5,418 prime hoggs was forward to a full ring of buyers with trade again buoyant. A shortage of well fleshed hoggs were present with small hoggs also keenly sought after, resulting in an overall average of 238.1p per kilo.

Top price of 286p per kilo for Beltex from MacTaggart Bros. Top per head of £128.50 for Texels from A. McCreadie, Upper Tofts, others £126.50 Upper Mains, The Land and Hillside; Suffolk £124.50 Penlan, £121.50 Newbigging and Lumsdaine; Beltex £122.50 Newbiggin, £118.50 Hillside; North Country Cheviot £122.50 Thomas Telford Rd, £114.50 Carruthers; Charollais £121.50 Thackwood, £116.50 Mosshall; Greyface £118.50 Lumsdaine, £113.50, £112.50 Lirrit; Half Bred £116.50 High Moat; Blackface £115.50, £114.50 Smalmstown, £113.50 Main Office; Hill Cheviot £115.50 Crawsknowe and Tushielaw, £114.50 High Knells and Girnwood; Bleu d’Maine £114.50 Bridge House; Zwartbles £104.50 Lirrit; Swaledale £100 Round Meadows and Morley Hill, £97.50 Newbiggin; Kendal Rough £84.50 Westhills; Beulah £74.50 Howcleugh.

The 1,666 lightweight hoggs sold to £90 for Beltex from Westerley; Texel £88.50 Pallet Hill, £80.80 Harwood House; North Country Cheviot £86.50, £84.20 Kilfinnan; Greyface £85.50 Butterdales, £80.50 Sockbridge Hall; Blackface £83.50 South Lambhill, £80.80 Brownhouse, £78.50 Ridley Stokoe; Hill Cheviot £78.50 Westhills, £79.80 Waterloo; Suffolk £78.50 Waterloo, £69.50 Tister; Herdwick £78.20 Cumcrook, £69.50 Upper Hindhope; Swaledale £74.80 Milescott.