At St Boswells Mart on Monday John Swan Ltd sold 143 clean cattle, 47 OTM cattle, 1,842 prime hoggs, 31 spring lambs and 511 ewes.

Bullocks (62) averaged 186.5p per kg (+4.7p on the week) and sold to 210p from Bee Edge, gross £1403 from Longnewton. Heifers (79) averaged 181.3p per kg (+2.0p on the week) and sold to 203p from Longnewton, gross £1253 from Shidlaw. The two young bulls averaged 185p per kg and sold to 186p, gross £1143 from Haughhead. The 47 beef type OTM cattle averaged 138.5p per kg and sold to 169p from East Loanhead, gross £1370 from Phantassie.

The 1842 prime hoggs averaged 242.1p per kg (-1.2p on the week) and sold to £137 a head for Texels from M/s Anderson and Co, East Redfordgreen and 292.9p per kg for a pen of Texels from M/s Baird and Son Lurdenlaw, Kelso. The 31 spring lambs averaged 274.1p per kg and sold to £136 (338.5p) for Suffolks from Mr T Darling, Ladyflat. The 511 ewes averaged £92.39 and sold to £162 (n/c on the week) for Suffolks from M/s Mundell and Son, Meigle.

Principal prices: Bee Edge 2.10 M/s Moor, 2.05 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons 1.99 Woodhead Bros; Gospelhall 2.06 M/s Moor; Corsbie 2.06 Malcolm Allan Butchers; Longnewton 2.03 (2) Malcolm Allan Butchers and Woodhead Bros, 1.98 Malcolm Allan; Cockburn 2.02 M/s Moor, 1.98 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons; Humebyres 2.00 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons; Lurdenlaw 1.99 (3) M/s Mason and Sons, Lees Butchers and Craig Douglas, 1.97 Colin Peat; Lennoxlove 1.97.

Cows per head: Upper Nisbet £1336.50,£1095.15,£1085.70; East Loanend £1132.30,£1053; Ramrig £1131.60; Edston £1105.05; Huntington £1069.15; Traprain £1029.60,£1019.25,£1000.50; Stoneypath £998.40; Whitchesters £979.55; Ecclaw £979.20.

Cows per kg: East Loanend 1.69, 1.56; Ramrig 1.64; Upper Nisbet 1.62, 1.54,1.49; Edston 1.59; Huntington 1.59; Stoneypath 1.56, 1.55; Cockburn 1.54; Traprain 1.53,1.51; Borthwickshiels 1.46;Upper Tofts 1.45.

Bulls: Phantassie £1370.25(1.45p); Blackcastle £1278 (1.20p)

Prime hoggs continued to sell at extreme rates with another full ringside of buyers in attendance, selling to £137 (292.9p per kg) for Texels. The first spring lambs of the season sold to £136 and 338.5p per kg for Suffolks, more could have been sold with more looking for them now. A larger show of cast ewes and rams was forward, peaking at £162 for Suffolks.

Leading prices: Hoggs per head:- Suff;- £129 Top Boon, £124 Legerwood, £123.50 Seafield, Lerwick, £122 East Farm, Malton, £121.50 Spotmains and Sunwick, £121 Nether Tofts ,Satchells, Bonjedward Mill and Berryhill, Tex;- £132 Redheugh G, £131 West Mains, £130 Lurdenlaw, £129.50, £127, £126.50 Wantonwalls, £126 Threepwood and Colmslie, Chev;- £130 North Synton, £129 Seafield, Lerwick, £124 Ashcraig, £120 Lurdenlaw, GF;- £120,£113.50 Swinnie, £112 Top Boon, Char;- £121,£118.50 East Mains, Lauder, BF;- £107.50 Swinnie, Shet;- £92.50 Clochnahill, BFL;- £91 Over Newton, EC;- £108,£101 Kilnknowe, HB;- £99.50 Stobshiel Mains, Ber;- £119, £105 Springwood, Beltex;- £130 Hawthornside.

Hoggs per kg: Suff;- 276.1 Spotmains, 272 Seafield/Sunwick, 263 Satchells, 262.8 Seafield, 257.5 Berryhill, Tex;- 287.5,275.5 Wantonwalls, 273.3 East Redfordgreen, 272.5 Top Boon, 265.9, 265.4 Sunwick, Chev;- 262.5 North Synton, 260.9 Lurdenlaw, 252.3 Saughtree, Larriston, Thorlieshope, 252.3 Satchells, 251.3 Shaws, Char;- 252.1,250 East Farm, Malton, BF;- 252.6,250 Swinnie, Chev.x;- 228.3 East Redfordgreen, HB;- 226.1 Stobshiel Mains, Mule;- 248.9 Top Boon, 237.5 Over Newton, ML;- 235.5 Whitmuir, Ber;- 245.5 Springwood, Beltex;- 266.7 Top Boon, Ber;- 250 Springwood.

Spring lambs per head: Suff;- £136 Ladyflat & Myreside, Dor;- £105 Putton Mill,

Spring lambs per kg: Suff;- 338.5 Ladyflat, 289.7 Myreside,

Cast ewes: Suff;- £154 Meigle, £138 Myreside, £137 Oxmuir and Broomiebank, £134 Spotmains.


Border Livestock Exchange, week ending Friday April 15, sold 138 prime cattle including 61 cows, 349 prime sheep including 30 new season lambs, 108 cast ewes and 246 store cattle.

Cattle trade comfortably maintained recent rises with records breaking for cull cows. Belgian Blue cows from Bowsden Moor sold to £1,487, £1,328 and £1,310. Simmental cross cows from Tughall Grange averaged £984, while hill cows sold to £942 for Blue Greys and Galloway crosses. Cast bulls again sold at extreme levels with mature Galloway bulls from Hedgeley Farms selling to £1,127 per head, mature AA bullocks £1,273 from Pallinsburn, Cornhill on Tweed. Organic AA heifers from Tughall, Seahouses sold to 325p and £1,163 per head; and from Tullochallum Farm, Dufftown to 330p for 24 which averaged £1,185 per head. AAX bullocks from Bonjedward Mill sold to 310p per kg to Well Hung and Tender, Berwick upon Tweed. Continental cross heifers from Lochside, Yetholm to 310p also from Hallrule Farms, Bonchester Bridge to 310p per kg averaging £1,082. Limousin cross heifers to 310p per kg Fawside, Gordon; Highwood, Hexham and Sandystones, St Boswells.

In the sheep department the second week of new season lambs edged on upwards selling to 560p per kg and £115 per head from Whitehaugh Farm, Hawick and 550p Lempitlaw, Kelso. Organic lambs to 540p per kg and £113 from Tullochallum Farm, Dufftown.

Tremendous numbers of Store Cattle are being sold at prices very similar to last spring’s exciting levels Limousin cross bullocks to £1,000. Simmental £950 and 10 month old Belgian Blue bullocks and Heifers to £845


At their fortnightly store sale held at Wooler last Tuesday John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 199 store cattle.

All classes met unprecedented demand, a good ring of buyers present to ensure an easy clearance.

The Show for the William Harvey Lindisfarne Goblet, kindly and very well judged by Messrs Brown, Amerside Law, was won by Messrs D Harvey and Son, Shotton, with a Lim steer weighing 400kg and making £850 to J Thompson, Smallburn Farm, Longhorsley.

Leading prices per head - Steers:- Lim.x:- £940 Trewhitt Steads and Shotton, £895 Trewhitt Steads, £880 Fawdon Farms, £875 Trewhitt Steads, £860 Shotton, £855 Trewhitt Steads, £850 Shotton. A.A.x:- £930 (2) South Ord, £880 (2) Abberwick, £860 South Ord and Abberwick, £855 Abberwick. Char:- £790, £785, £760 (2) Fawdon Farms.

Leading prices per head – Heifers:- Lim.x:- £950 Trewhitt Steads, £840, £750 Shotton, £735, £730 Trewhitt Steads, £720 Shotton. A.A.x:- £820 Abberwick, £700 South Ord and Abberwick. Char:- £715 Fawdon Farms.

Leading prices per kilo – Steers:- Char:- 217.1p, 211.1p Fawdon Farms. Lim.x:- 216.7p, 213.9p Trewhitt Steads, 212.5p Shotton.

Leading prices per kilo – Heifers:- Lim.x:- 195.4p Shotton, 194.7p, 193.9p Trewhitt Steads. Char:- 188.6p Fawdon Farms.

At their weekly Primestock sale last Wednesday John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 621 hoggs and 334 ewes. Hoggs very dear, larger numbers could be easily cleared to vendors advantage.

Leading prices per head:- Suff.x:- £127 Brandon, £121.50 Newstead and Brandon, £121 West Newbiggin, £118.50 Brandon, £118 Fawdon Farms. Tex.x:- £121 Edlingham Newtown, £115.50 Kettleburn. BF:- £120 Elsdonburn, £116 Elsdonburn. Chev:- £119, £117.50 Elsdonburn. Mule:- £115 Elsdonburn and Newstead.

Leading prices per kilo:- Tex.x:- 272.4p Amerside Law, 256.7p Kettleburn, 256.5p Elsdonburn, 256.1p Newstead, 255.3p West Longridge, 254.7p Amerside Law, 250p Ladykirk and Amerside Law. Chev:- 267.1p, 264.4p Elsdonburn, 252.6p Shotton. BF:- 260.5p, 260.2p, 257.8p Elsdonburn. Bel:- 260p Shotton. Suff.x:- 251.2p Newstead. Mule:- 239.6p Elsdonburn, 231p West Longridge, 230.8p Shotton.

Ewes simply serious, a good show on offer.

Leading prices per head:- Tex.x:- £141 (2) No. 1 West Newbiggin, £122 The Loan. Suff.x:- £130 Newstead, £127 Grantsbanks and Newstead, £125 West Moneylaws, £122 Shipley Lane. BFL:- £129 Mordington. Mule:- £108 Grantsbanks. BF:- £85.50 Elsdonburn. Rams:- Char:- £155 Middle Ord. Suff.x:- £140 Edlingham Newtown. BFL:- £139 Edlingham Newtown. Tex.:- £135 Middle Ord.