John Swan Limited, St Boswells presented 974 lots at their March Machinery Sale.

An extraordinary large attendance witnessed a fiercely competitive trade for many lots with a high percentage selling well in advance of expectations.

Selected prices: JCB 3CX Sitemaster Digger (1997) £14500; John Deere 1950 Tractor (1991) with Loader £9100; Hyundai 5 Ton Mini Digger £6000; New Holland Skid Steer (95) £3000; Mitsubishi Compact Tractor £1700; Landrover Discovery (V) £4000; Vauxhall Frontera (R) £950; Triffit Muckspreader £6350; Harrington Sheep Trailer £500; 100 KVA Generator £1300; Snackers to £500; Bale Trailers £2350, £2000, £1700; Marshall Grain Trailer £4200; Griffiths Grain Trailer £2300; Marshall Grain Trailer £1750; Amazone Combi Seed Drill Unit £8000; Agrimaster Topper £2250; Front Presses £700, £500 and £480; Bateman Cattle Crush £680; Tullow Feed Bucket £400; Bale Spike £420; Reco Sulky Fertiliser Spreader £420; Heavy Rollers to £600; Log Splitter £1460; Diesel Tanks to £820; Pan Cement Mixer £1000; Grass Aerator £1300; Roofing Sheets £1600; Saw Benches £420, £400, £380; Ifor Williams Stock Trailers £1800, £1200, £1000, £750; Bateson Livestock Trailers £2150 and £900; Haybobs to £700; Kverneland 3F Conventional Plough £3000; Kverneland 4 Fur Rev Plough £4000 and £1820.

On Monday John Swan Ltd sold 139 clean cattle, 78 OTM cattle, 2,388 prime hoggs and 1063 ewes.

Bullocks (56) averaged 173.2p per kg (+3.0p on the week) and sold to 195p from Lurdenlaw, gross £1270 from West Mains. Heifers (82) averaged 172.1p per kg (+1.0p on the week) and sold to 198p, gross £1138 from Bedrule. The one young bull sold to 142p gross £1086 from Wantonwalls. The 78 beef type OTM cattle averaged 120p per kg, and sold to 167p from Mindrum, gross £1182 from Milrighall.

The 2,388 prime hoggs averaged 197.7p per kg (n/c on the week) and sold to £113 a head for Cheviots from M/s King and Sons, Gospelhall and 223.2p per kg for a pen of Texels from A and K Rhind, Newton of Struthers. The 1063 ewes averaged £66.57 (+£4.37 on the week) and sold to £135for 27 Suffolks from M/s Barr and Co, Thirlestane, Lauder.

Principal prices: Bee Edge 1.98 Worsley Wholesale Butchers, 1.93 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons, 1.90 Worsley Wholesale Butchers; Lurdenlaw 1.95 Lees Butchers, 1.85 M/s Foley; Saltoun Home Farm 1.94 Worsley Wholesale Butchers; Low Middleton 1.92 Worsley Wholesale Butchers; Cockburn 1.90 Worsley Wholesale Butchers; Hamildean 1.89 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons, 1.87 Malone of Edinburgh; Upper Nisbet 1.88 Worsley Wholesale Butchers, 1.86 Charles Wilson; Longnewton 1.87 Worsley Wholesale Butchers, 1.86(2)M/s Saunderson and Denholm Meats; Shidlaw 1.86 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons.

Cows per head: Mains of Wardhouse £1161.80, £1087.50, £1057, £1055.70, £1019.25, £1005; Shidlaw £1138.80; Muircleugh £1083.30; Thirlestane £1064.55; Wester Middleton £1052.10; Stoneypath £1013.20; Shoestanes £979.20.

Cows per kg: Mindrum 1.67, 1.61, 1.56, 1.41; Shidlaw 1.56; Mains of Wardhouse 1.48,1.40,1.38,1.35; Shielswood 1.47,1.42; Upper Nisbet 1.45; Thirlestane 1.41; Bemersyde 1.39; Muircleugh 1.38; Stoneypath 1.36.

Bulls: Milrighall £1182.50; Shidlaw £1095.45; Fishwick £994.75; Stobshiel Mains £985.

Prime hoggs continued to sell at extreme rates to a full ring of buyers, where more could have been sold to advantage, top price £113. A larger show of cast ewes and rams was forward with all classes dearer, trade peaked at £135 for a pen of 27 Suffolk Cross Ewes.

Leading prices, hoggs per head:- Suff:- £107.50 Thirlestane, £106 Crookston, £104.50 Bonjedward Mill, £100 35 Mains Street, New Deer; Tex;- £105.50 Stouslie, £104.50 35 Main Street, New Deer, £100 Crookston and West Mains, £99 Lurdenlaw, £97 Whitelumbs, Huntly Beltex;- £95.50 Lurdenlaw, Chev;- £106 Stobshiel Mains, £101.50 Whitelumbs, Huntly £100 Lurdenlaw, BF;-£90.50 Hartside, Oxton, £88 Elmscleugh, GF;- £97.50 Crookston, EC;- £63.50 Synton Mains, BL;- £102.50 35 Mains Street, New Deer, Chev.x;- £85 Newton of Struthers, Jacob;- £66.50 Beirhope,

Hoggs per kg: Suff;- 209.7 Sunwick/Seafield Lerwick, 209.2 Gateside, 208.8 Seafield, Lerwick/Sunwick, 208 Newton of Struthers, 206.8 Dunslaw, Tex;- 217.4 Newton of Struthers, 215.4 Oakwood, 214.1 Newton of Struthers, 210.5 Whitelumbs, Huntly, Beltex;- 213 New Blainslie, Chev;- 213,207.6 Newton of Struthers, 205.3 Longnewton Forest, 204.8 Saughtree/Thorlieshope, 204.1 Southfield, Hawick, BF;- 196.9 Larriston/Saughtree, 191.9 Hamildean, GF;- 197.5 Blackcastle, 197.2 Dunslaw, Chev.x;- 202.4 Newton of Struthers.

Cast ewes: HB;- £112 Bonjedward Mill, Suff;- £127.50 Lochside, £118 Thirlestane, £100 Coltcrooks, Tex;- £128 Elmscleugh, £112 Stouslie, £110 Elwartlaw, £106 Burnhouse Mains, £105 Applecross, Lleyn;- £115 Ednam West Mains, EC;- £77.50 Michelston, Hill Chev;- £73.50 Applecross, GF;- £110,£100 Thirlestane, BF;- £71 Elmscleugh and Blakehope.


Border Livestock Exchange Ltd in week ending Friday March 4 sold 149 prime cattle including 76 cast cows, 814 prime lambs and 164 store cattle.

Top prices per head in the prime cattle section was a Belgium Blue young bull from Sharplaw Farms, Hownam, Kelso which sold for £1270. Organic cattle from Tullochallum Farm, Dufftown, Keith sold to 315p per kg and £1,246 per head. The consignment of 15 averaged £1,072. Aberdeen Angus steers sold to 300p from Whitmuirhaugh Farm, Kelso. Highlight in the cast cow section was a Holstein from Kelloe Mains, Duns setting a dairy cow record by crossing the £1,000 mark when it sold to £1007. Other suckler ,bred cows sold to 240p per kg Chatton Park, Wooler. Prime steers from Embleton Mill sold to 289p per kg.

Prime lamb section firmer with organic lambs from Tullochallum selling to 440p per kg. Continental crosses from Doddington Farm, Wooler sold to 405p and £85. Roddam, Wooler sold to 420p per kg with Upper Chatto, Kelso to 410p per kg.

Store cattle continue to sell well with prices increasing on the week. Charolais Heifers to 200p per kg and £600. Sim x Heifers to £750 for yearlings.

All sold ex-farm with no haulage to pay.


At their weekly Primestock Sale held at Wooler last Wednesday John Swan Limited had forward and sold 895 hoggs and 189 ewes and rams.

Hoggs a larger show, all classes meeting extreme demand, More could have been sold to vendors advantage.

Leading prices per head: Suff.x;- £107.50, £106.50, £101 South Falaknowe, £105 Pawston, £96.50 Newstead, £95.50 Common Flat, £93 Mindrum, £92 Pawston. Tex.x;- £104.50 Roddam (D. Donavon), £95 Newstead and Mindrum, £93 Village Farm, Seahouses. Chev;- £99 Humbleheugh. Char;- £92 Wandon. Mule;- £84 Springhill, Seahouses. BF;- £76.80, £74 West Longridge.

Leading prices per kilo: Tex.x;- 216.6p Amerside Law, 211.8p Springhill, Seahouses, 210p Amerside Law 206.1p, 203.7p Old Cambus, 203.7p West Longridge, 202.5p Roddam, 202.4p The Hagg, 202.3p West Longridge, 201.2p Hoppen Hall, 200p Yetlington Lane. Chev;- 212.5p, 209.5p, 208.3p, 201.2p Humbleheugh. Suff.x;- 201.3p Pawston. Mule;- 190.9p Springhill, Seahouses. BF;- 187.3p West Longridge.

Ewes again a mixed show but still meeting advanced rates. Rams a colossal go.

Ewes per Head: Tex.x;- £117 Newstead, £111 The Hagg, £99 Old Cambus. Suff.x;- £105, £100 Old Cambus, £97 Wandon. HB;- £98.50 Wandon. Chev;- £94 Humbleheugh. Mule;- £83 Pawston, £82.50 Great Ryle, £82, £81.50 Common Flat. RAMS: Tex;- £140 Cresswell Farms, £130 Great Ryle, £110.50 Old Cambus, £110 Creswell Farms. Suff.x;- £132, £125 Great Ryle, £101 Branton Eastside. Char;- £109 Cresswell Farms. Chev;- £106 Humbleheugh.


The Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 57 prime cattle, 35 over 30 month cattle, 6,017 prime hoggs and 6,242 cast ewes and rams at their weekly sale at Longtown last Thursday.

A total of 57 prime cattle were forward, with a better show of bullocks on offer yet again trade didn’t disappoint. Well finished heifers regularly making 175p-187p and bullocks 170p-185p.

Top price of the day was 187p for a Limousin heifer shown from A. and W.J. Taylor and Son, Dashwell Green, 182.5p Houghton House, 175.5p Slealands, 173.5p Dashwell Green and High Stenries, 171.5p Dashwell Green, Wicket Thorn and Houghton House, 170.5p Dashwell Green; British Blue 185.5p, 182.5p Gardrum, 173.5p Dashwell Green; Charolais 177.5p Hallburn, 174.5p Upper Mains, 173.5p Wicket Thorn, 172.5p High Stenries.

Bullocks topped at 184.5p for British Blue from The Gill, 183.5p Beckhall, 171.5p The Gill; Charolais 180.5p High Stenries; Limousin 174.5p Slealands, 172.5p, 167.5p Dashwell Green, 166.5p The Gill, 164.5p Dashwell Green & The Gill; Blonde d’Aquitaine 176.5p Dashwell Green. Bullocks to a top per head of £1,299 for Charolais from High Stenries; Limousin £1,247 Dashwell Green, £1,165 Sceughdyke, £1,159 The Gill, £1,155 Dashwell Green; British Blue £1,226, £1,200 The Gill; Blonde d’Aquitaine £1,200 Dashwell Green. Heifers to £1,187 and £1,149 for British Blues from Gardrum; Charolais £1,119 Wicket Thorn, £1,054 Upper Mains, £1,044 Wicket Thorn; Limousin £1,076 Houghton House, £1,067, £1,025 Wicket Thorn.

A plainer show of OTM’s were on offer with mainly feeding cows forward. Top price of 135.5p (£1,077) for a Limousin bullock from T. Armstrong and Sons, Sceughdyke. Cows to 124.5p for a Limousin from Low Peninver Farm, others 119.5p Riggfoot; Angus 118.5p Low Peninver, 111.5p, 107.5p Kildaloig; Charolais 116.5p, 105.5p Skipness; Friesian 113.5p Harelawhole, 105.5p Highmoorhead; British Blue 113.5p Low Peninver; Blonde d’Aquitaine 109.5p Sceughdyke. Cows to a top per head of £827 for Limousin from Low Peninver; Blonde d’Aquitaine £821 Sceughdyke; Friesian £805 Halltown; British Blue £766 Low Peninver. Bulls to 103.5p for Limousin from Burnside.

An excellent show of 6,017 prime hoggs met extreme rates to the usual ring of buyers. The sale average was 195.7p per kilo overall with an SQQ (32kg-45kg) of 197.8p. All types of hoggets easily sold and were short of buyers requirements. An excellent consignment of 410 hoggs from Jim Crick, Beech Farm, Suffolk sold to an average of 212p per kilo for export weight hoggs. Top price per kilo of 254p for Beltex from Messrs Storrow, Willimoteswick. Top per head of £117.50 for Beltex from Wood Farm, others £107.50, £106.50 Wood Farm; Suffolk £116.50 Pirntaton, £105.50 Sceughdyke; Texel £115.50 Pirntaton, £110.50 Brown House, £109.50 Wood Farm; North Country Cheviot £100.50, £97.80, £97.50 Ericstane, £97.50 West Millhills; Blackface £98.50 Corsebank, £96.50 Dryhope, £95.50 Milnmark, £94.50 Damhead; Charollais £97.50 Leaona Villa, £90.50 Colte Coates, £90 Becton Hall; Leicester £96.50 Easter Dawyck, £90.50 Kirksteads; Hill Cheviot £92.80 Sceughdyke, £88.50 Fauld Farm, £88 Kilnfordcroft; Lleyn £91.50 Westerhouses; Greyface £91.50 Justicetown and The Chapel, £89.80 Riggfoot, £87.20 Stubsgill; Zwartbles £90 Viewfields; Swaledale £77.80 East Unthank, £72.20, £70.50 Kilncroft; Half Bred £77.50 Plumpe; Cheviot Mule £74.50 Riggshield.

The 1,883 light weight hoggs sold to a top of £79.50 for Texels from High Stenries, £72.80 Low Dunashery; Beltex £76.50 Faulding Cleugh, £73.50 Willimoteswick; Suffolk £74.20 Beech Farm, £73.20 Low Dunashery; Charollais £72.80, £68.80 Beech Farm; Hill Cheviot £69.80 Sorbie, £65.80 Low Tirfergus; Blackface £69.20 Knockreoch, Howthat and Milnmark; Romney Marsh £68.50 Beech Farm; Greyface £67.80 Kirkland Green, £65.80 Low Tirfergus; North Country Cheviot £67.80 Longoe Farm, £62.80 Catslackburn; Easycare £63.80 Westerhouses; Oxford £63.50 Newington; Swaledale £63.50 Kirkland Green, £61.50 Newbiggin; Herdwick £54.80 Hillside.

An impressive show of 6,242 cast ewes and rams sold to a full ring of buyers which ensured trade was £4 to £5 dearer on the week, with all classes sought after.

The sale was topped at £146.50 for Charollais tups from Waterside, others £138.50 Sockbridge, £134.50 Hallburn; Texel £140.50 Newbigging, £130.50 Severs, £128.50 Sibmister; Leicester £138.50 The Steel, £126.50 High Love Lady Shield, £124.50 East Unthank; Suffolk £138.50 Roadside, £130.50 Pirntaton, £124.50 Cowburnrigg; North Country Cheviot £130.50 Ericstane, £126.50 Linton House, £122.50 Newbigging; Border Leicester £106.50 Tangy Farm; Beltex £106.50 Glendearg and Severs, £86.50 Stackbraes; Hill Cheviot £98.50 Raeburnfoot, £88.50 Castslackburn, £86.50 Glendearg; Blackface £93.50 Waterside, £84.50 Wanwood Hill, £80.50 Boreland; Swaledale £68.50 East Unthank; Shetland £50.50 Fountanbleau; Jacob £39.50 Newbigging.

Heavy ewes to £136.50 for Suffolks from Foutanbleau and Sceughdyke and for Texels from Clyth Mains, Sunnycroft and Roadside, other Suffolks £133.50 Roadside, £128.50 Colte Coates, other Texels £134.50 Severs, £132.50 Boreland, Severs and Flass; Leicester £128.50 Newbigging and The Side, £120.50 Parcelstown; Charollais £128.50 Sockbridge, £126.50 Roadside, £124.50 Severs; Half Bred £126.50, £120.50 Linton House, £120.50 Fountanbleau, £116.50 Whins; Beltex £124.50 Sharplaw, £118.50 Bluebell, £103.50 Fountanbleau; Greyface £122.50 Pirntaton, £108.50 Boreland and Newtown, £107.50 Temon, £106.50 Springwells, £104.50 Fellend; North Country Cheviot £120.50 Fountanbleau, £114.50 Bardnaclaven and Wester Dunnet, £113.50 Ericstane; Rouge de l’Quest £114.50 Severs; Milk sheep £108.50 Colte Coates; Dorset £90.50 Fountanbleau; Zwartbles £82.50 Miller Hill; Wensleydale £80.50 Stackbraes; Easycare £56.50 Glenapp.

Hill ewes to £96.50, £90.50 Sharplaw; Blackface £94.50 Collinbank, £92.50 The Steel, £86.50 Cowburnrigg, £84.50 D’Mainholm; Cheviot £90.50 Springwells, £86.50 Alton and Linton House, £84.50 Kirksteads, £80.50 Clockeil; Swaledale £77.20, £74.50 Todhillwood, £70.50 East Unthank, £62.50 Nunscleugh; Kendal Rough £69.50 Low Northsceugh; Lonk £68.50 Colte Coates; Jacob £66.50 Stackbraes; Shetland £57.50 Sockbridge, £50 Plumpe; Herdwick £50.50 Border Rigg, £39.50 Kirkland Green.