At St Boswells Mart on Monday John Swan Ltd sold 113 clean cattle, 66 OTM cattle, 2,011 prime lambs and 750 ewes.

Bullocks (32) averaged 173.3p per kg (+3.3p on the week) and sold to 191p from Bee Edge. gross £1305 from Lurdenlaw. Heifers (78) averaged 176.8p per kg (-0.2p on the week) and sold to 204p from Bee Edge, gross £1207 from Inland Pastures. The three young bulls averaged 140p per kg and sold to 143p gross £850 from Whitriggs. The 66 beef type OTM cattle averaged 116.8p per kg, and sold to 153p, gross £1116 from Mosstower

The 2011 prime hoggs averaged 189.6p per kg( +5.4p on the week) and sold to £100 a head for Texels from Firm of Nixon and Co, Oakwood, Selkirk and 212.3p per kg. The 750 ewes averaged £71.19 (+£6.59 on the week) and sold to £126 for a pen of nine Texels from J and J Campbell, Wedderlie.

Principal prices: Bee Edge 2.09 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons,1.93 Denholm Meats, 1.91 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons; Inland Pastures 1.98 Worsley Wholesale Butchers, 1.95 M/s Mr R Pringle, 1.94 Charles Wilson Ltd; Lurdenlaw 1.94 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons, 1.90 Lees Butchers Ltd; Cockburn 1.93 Alex Smith, 1.89 Findlay of Portobello; Shidlaw 1.91 Worsley Wholesale Butcher, 1.89 M/s J Saunderson, 1.88 M/s JA Waters and Sons; Upper Nisbet 1.90 Worsley Wholesale Butcher; Longnewton 1.89 Craig Douglas; Mosstower 1.89 Worsley Wholesale Butcher.

Cows per head: Mosstower £1116.90,£924; Quixwood £1035.30,£891,£881.60,£877.25; Muircleugh £1014.30; Thorlieshope £1000.50; Traprain £943.80, £927.10, £910.60; Greenhead £919.80; Cookhouse £915.20; Woodhouse £902.70; Toxside £897.35; Stoneypath £886.55. Cows per kg: Mosstower 1.53,1.40; Quixwood 1.45, 1.33, 1.32; Toxside 1.37, 1.30,; Traprain 1.32, 1.27; Crookhouse and Kedzlie1.28; Timpendean 1.27, 1.26; Woodhouse and Greenhead 1.26.

Prime hoggs were short of requirements and all classes of ewes and rams were keenly sought after and much sharper.

Leading prices: Hoggs per head:- Tex;- £98.50 Wantonwalls, £96 Dunslaw, £95 Threepwood, £92.50 Wantonwalls, £91.50 Brotherstone, Suff;- £99, £98 Eastertoun, £96, £95.50 Brotherstone, £94 Tynehead, £93, £92 Burnhouse Mains, £92 Brotherstone and Wester Middleton, GF;- £84, £82.80 Swinnie, £79.80 Dunslaw, Chev;- £86 Saughtree, £84.80 Thorlieshope, £84.50 Stobshiel Mains, BF;- £82 Hutlerburn, £77 Blakehope, Chev;- £74 Saughtree/Thorlieshope, Chev Mule;- £82 Stobshiel Mains, HB;- £80 Stobshiel Mains.

Hoggs per kg: Tex;- 203.5 Wantonwalls, 202.9 New Blainslie, 202.8, 202.6 Clarilaw, 202 Inchkeith, 201.3 Upper Huntlywood, Suff;- 208.6 Clarilaw, 200 Wester Middleton, 199.50 Clarilaw, 198.8 Burnside of Tynet, Buckie, GF;- 192.8 Larriston, 192.2 Dunslaw, 191 Hardens, 190.2 Inchkeith, Chev;- 197.2 Saughtree/Thorlieshope, 196.6 Borthwickshiels, BF;- 196.1 Saughtree/Thorlieshope, Chev;- 194.7 Saughtree/Thorlieshope, Chev Mule;- 192.5 Faughhill.

Cast ewes: Chev Mule;- £82 Yarlside, £79 5 Taits Hill, GF;- £83.50 Hutlerburn, £82.50 5 Taits Hill, £80.50 East Fenton, £80 Upper Huntlywood, HB;- £99 East Fenton, £98 Dunslaw, Chev;- £74.50 Philiphaugh, £72.50 Sydenham, Lleyn;- £60 Brotherstone, Suff;- £105 Bowland, £101 East Fenton, £96 Brotherstone, Tex;- £97 Oakwood, £95 East Fenton, Char;- £73.50 Carterhaugh, BF;- 60@ £70 Blakehope, £66 East Fenton, £65 Hartside. Rams: Suff;- £108 Smailholm Mains, Lleyn;- £73 Shielswood, Tex;- £97.50 Shielswood, Char;- £80 Shielswood, BFL;- £84 Shielswood, BF;- £72 Lee.


Border Livestock Exchange Ltd to week ending Friday 18th February sold 142 Prime Cattle including 46 Cast Cows and Bulls, 900 Prime Lambs.

Prime Cattle were topped at £1168 and 302p per kg for an Aberdeen Angus Steer from Bonjedward Mill, Jedburgh to Well Hung and Tender, Castlehills Farm, Berwick-upon-Tweed. £1152 per head for Steers from New Houses Farm, Hallington. Organic Cattle realised 310p with the consignment averaging £1018 per head. Cast Cows are continuing to sell well with top prices from Quixwood, Duns sold to 230p per kilo and £1,041 per head.

In the Sheep section Prime Lambs sold to 440p per kg for Organics. Texel x Lambs from Hollybush, Galashiels sold at 410p & 400p per kg also Birchwood Hall, Chathill.

Demand for Store Cattle continues to be brisk with very good returns being achieved.


At their weekly Primestock Sale held at Wooler last Wednesday John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 675 hoggs and 325 ewes.

Hogg numbers similar but trade again on an upward trend.

Leading prices price per head: Suff.x;-£97.50, £93 Newstead, £89.50 Mindrum, £87.20 Titlington Mount, £86, £84.50 East Fleetham, £84.20 Newstead, £84 Shipley Smallburns. Char;- £90.50 Wandon, £84.50 East Fleetham. Tex;- £89.50 Newstead, £88.50, £87 (2) West Longridge, £85.80 Yetlington Lane, £85.20 Titlington Mount, £84.50 Cold Martin. Chev;- £81.50 Humbleheugh.

Leading prices per kilo: Tex;- 201.2p Amersidelaw, 200p Shotton, 196.6p Shotton, 196.3p Roddam Estates, 196p Yetlington Lane, 194.7p Roddam Estates, 194.6p Amersidelaw, 194.4p Yetlington Lane, 194.3p Mindrum, 194.1p Shotton. Chev;- 197.5p

Humbleheugh. Char;- 197.4p East Fleetham, 195.1p Wandon. Suff.x;- 197.2p, 196.1p, 195p Mindrum, 193.8p Shotton. Mule;- 186.7p Wandon.

Ewes another plain show, all classes meeting extreme rates.

Ewes per head: Suff.x;- £99.50 South Bellshill, £91.50 Abbey St Bathans and South Bellshill, £88.50 Thornington, £87 Howtel, £84 Cresswell Farms. HB;- £95.50 Wandon. Tex;- £95 Cresswell Farms, £90 Howtel, £89 Chillingham Newtown, £88 South Bellshill, £85 East Fleetham, £84 Cresswell Farms. Mule;- £79 Fawdon Farms, £78.50 Cresswell Farms, £76 Graden and Fawdon Farms, £75 South Bellshill. BF;- £65 Sourhope, £60 Fawdon Farms. BFL;- £94 Titlington Mount.


The Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 57 prime cattle, three young bulls, 63 over 30 month cattle, 4,504 prime hoggs and 5,249 cast ewes and rams at their weekly sale at Longtown last Thursday.

Yet another great show of prime cattle forward saw trade very dear. Limousin heifers to 190p from A. and W.J. Taylor and Son, Dashwell Green, purchased by W. Kirkup and Sons, Butchers, Longtown, 184.5p Toppin Castle, 182.5p Houghton House, 178.5p Brydekirk Mains, 177.5p Dashwell Green and Brydekirk Mains, 176.5p Toppin Castle; Charolais 178.5p, 169.5p (x3), 164.5p Hallburn; British Blue 178.5p Toppin Castle; Blonde d’Aquitaine 173.5p Toppin Castle.

Top per head of £1,218 for Bazadaise bullocks from Sceughdyke; Limousin £1,205, £1,127, £1,122 The Gill; Simmental £1,157 Dashwell Green.

Heifers to £1,088 for Limousin from Toppin Castle, £1,011 Houghton House; British Blue £1,017 Toppin Castle; Blonde d’Aquitaine £1,014 Toppin Castle; Charolais £991, £919 Hallburn, £917 Sceughdyke.

Young bulls to 151.5p for Limousin and British Blue from Shaw of Dryfe.

An excellent show of 63 OTM’s was met by an

outstanding trade and a very much improved show saw well fleshed Limousin cows often making 110p to 125p and Black and Whites 100p to 108p.

Cows sold to 154.5p for Angus from The Plumpe, 137.5p Burnfoot on Esk, 135.5p, 119.5p Synton Park Head, 113.5p, 111.5p Burnfoot on Esk, 97.5p Potholm, 95.5p Synton Park Head; Limousin 142.5p Brisco Hill, 141.5p Burnfoot on Esk, 139.5p Synton Park Head, 133.5p Sceughdyke, 131.5p Plumpe, 120.5p, 118.5p Burnfoot on Esk, 118.5p The Throp, 117.5p Burnfoot on Esk and Englishtown, 114.5p, 112.5p (x2) Burnfoot on Esk, 109.5p High Greenhill, 108.5p Saddell Home Farm, 107.5p Burnfoot on Esk and Killeonan, 106.5p Saddell Home Farm; British Blue 131.5p Mossfoot, 112.5p Standingstone Rigg and Burnfoot on Esk, 107.5p Tangytavill, 105.5p, 101.5p Killeonan; Simmental 123.5p Killeonan; Friesian 107.5p Brisco Hill, 106.5p Hethermill, 103.5p Brisco Hill and The Nook.