Lamont refers mobile phone complaint to Ofcom

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MOBILE phone giant Vodafone is being urged to stop dragging its feet over resolving a signal fault in the Yetholm and Morebattle areas.

Vodafone customers there have been becoming increasingly frustrated because of the signal problems, which have now been going on for nearly three weeks.

Local Conservative MSP John Lamont has become so fed up with what he claims have been a number of excuses from Vodafone that he is now taking the issue up with communications regulator, Ofcom.

“I have been contacted by a number of constituents who are getting increasingly frustrated by the lack of signal around Yetholm and Morebattle,” Mr Lamont told TheSouthern this week.

“With the signal having been disrupted for almost two weeks now, it is causing considerable inconvenience to local residents and a number of small businesses and farms.

“Vodafone customers pay good money for the service they are supposed to receive and I know they are very angry at the disruption this is causing.

“Vodafone has given a number of excuses for the fault and the lack of a solution so far. However, the problem persists and I have told the company that it must be sorted soon.”

Melanie Goodson, who farms with her husband at Marlefield near Morebattle, says the biggest issue is that Vodafone will not release the affected customers from their contracts so they can sign up with another mobile phone company.

“I don’t see why we should be paying every month for a service we’re just not getting,” she said. “I was told by Vodafone that of the three masts in this area, two were not working and they were waiting for a spare part.

“I was also told that someone was working on a mast at Morebattle as I was speaking to Vodafone, so I drove over there to the mast but couldn’t find anyone working on it.

“Then Vodafone told me it must be that our handsets were faulty – but there are four Vodafone handsets in our house and they can’t all have gone faulty at the same time.”

She said her husband had bought a mobile handset from Orange as it was vital the farm had a working mobile phone for various reasons, including safety.