Kelso traders blasted over parking

traders in Kelso are being accused of abusing parking regulations in the town at weekends, clogging up the streets on the busiest day of the week.

Speaking at the June meeting of the town’s community council, local chamber of trade chairman, Bruce Roberts, described the parking situation on Kelso’s streets on Saturdays as “horrendous”.

“Some traders are abusing the parking regulations, leaving their vehicles on the street outside their premises all day,” he told the meeting.

“Saturday [June 9] in particular, was appalling, really bad. Cars were parked along single yellow lines for the whole day, because traffic wardens are not on duty at weekends.”

Councillor Gavin Horsburgh pointed out that even the police were guilty of adding to the town’s traffic problems, highlighting a recent incident when a patrol car was double-parked in Horsemarket.

“There was a queue of vehicles right down the street that had to wait because they could not get past,” he told fellow councillors.

Sgt Jacqui McGuigan, of Lothian and Borders Police, described such an occurrence as “an absolute no-no” and said she would look into it.

Later on in the meeting, Mr Roberts again flagged up the parking issue. “It caused a real problem on Saturday. We don’t have a traffic warden in the town on Saturdays and people know it and are taking advantage of that situation.

“It just doesn’t seem to be getting dealt with and it’s really shocking, especially when you consider we are doing everything we can to encourage more visitors to come into the town.

“It certainly doesn’t look good if there are cars parked everywhere.”