Hope of extra open days to spread the word on wool

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ADDITIONAL wool open days may be held after more than 80 farmers attended one at Galashiels last Thursday.

The aim of the British Wool Marketing Board (BWMB) information event at Stewart & Ramsden in North Wheatlands Mill was to show what happens to the wool and why it is important for farmers to handle it with care.

BWMB chairman Malcolm Corbett, who farms in Redesdale at Dykehead, Rochester, Northumberland said: “Many farmers at the open day hadn’t understood how skilled the grading process is and why it is so important to ensure wool is graded properly so it can be sold to the right market.”

The event gave producers the opportunity to meet depot staff, BWMB management and board members and it proved useful for all concerned, he said.

He went on: “With rising wool prices, producers are again beginning to appreciate the need for wool to be handled well on farm and delivered to depots in as good a condition as is possible.

“Wool prices are at a 25-year high and this has certainly helped ensure farmers respect their wool more and handle it with the care and attention it deserves.”

He said it was useful to hear back from farmers. “We are always looking for ways to connect better with our members and open days provide a great opportunity for us to take on board their feedback.”

Depot manager David Swinton said: “Farmers got a good understanding of what we actually do.

“A couple of years ago wool was only probably worth 50p a kilo and now it’s about 110p a kilo. There’s a big upsurge in wool worldwide.”.