Hawick SuperHome is first of its kind in Scotland

The award-winning SuperHomes project (www.superhomes.org.uk) has been running for almost three years and while there are now 83 SuperHomes in England and Wales it has taken until now to find one is Scotland.

And that celebrated property is in Hawick, at the Howdenbank home of Andy Maybury, which has just been awarded the status for achieving a 71 per cent carbon saving.

He has insulated the cavity walls of his three-bedroomed end-of-terrace house, added extra insulation in his loft and underneath the floors and he has almost totally eliminated all the draughts that seem to plague our older properties.

Alongside his insulation strategy, Andy has upgraded his heating system with the installation of a highly-efficient gas boiler, using an external temperature sensor for added control. He has also added heat recovery ventilation, where warm, stale air is expelled and replaced by fresh air, but importantly the heat is removed from the outgoing air and is used to preheat the incoming, fresh air.

A solar thermal system to heat the hot water and a log burning stove complete the list of measures which Andy has used to achieve his staggering carbon saving. This will ensure that Andy and his family are warm and comfortable for years to come and they will see massively reduced fuel bills, too, not a bad thing when the costs of fuel are rising so sharply.

Although Andy’s is the first Scottish SuperHome to join the network, Gabby Mallett, the project manager, insists that there must be more.

“Scotland is full of draughty, solid-walled homes and I find it hard to believe that homeowners aren’t making the necessary changes to make these homes fit for the 21st century,” she told us.

“Our project provides support for homeowners who want to open their homes to the public to educate and inspire them to undertake similar renovations.

“I am sure that the example Andy is setting will soon be followed by many more, expecially in the Borders.”

SuperHomes across the country will be opening their doors to the public for their annual spring openings. More information can be found on the website www.superhomes.org.uk

You can visit Andy’s home at 55 Howdenbank on the evening of Monday, March 28, or during the day on Saturday, April 2.

Book online for a free tour or call Andy on 01450 375750.