Golf to the fore as Borders tourism drive moves up a gear

Borders golf is in for a boost – thanks to a new link-up between the Scottish Borders Golf Group and Scottish Borders Tourism Partnership.

The partnership has welcomed the golf group’s involvement in order to develop the area’s credentials as a destination capable of looking after the keenest golfer’s needs.

The group will build on the success of VisitScotland’s Freedom of the Fairways golf pass.

The scheme, which allows golfers to play up to 10 rounds of golf over either a three or five-day period, has been popular since its inception and the new arrangement with the partnership should help develop this product further.

Some 30, 000 copies of the new Scottish Borders Golf Guide are now available and will be distributed through VisitScotland information centres,, marketing campaigns, and major exhibitions and events. The Freedom of the Fairways Pass is available from April 1.

Nick Brown, owner of the Woll Golf Course, Woll Estate and member of the golf group, commented: “There was a feeling that we needed to form a group in order to represent the needs of the Borders golf courses together.

“We are keen to work with businesses in different sectors of the tourism industry to build upon and develop golf in the region – working with the Scottish Borders Tourism Partnership we hope to progress this.”

Partnership chairman Ron Smith added: “We’re always keen to involve as many sectors of the industry as possible within the partnership. The evidence presented to us by the group showed that there is a clear indication that golf can deliver many spin-off benefits for the area, and by encouraging visitors to stay longer to play more, the economy will prosper.”