Feathers will fly as poultry competition hits Peebles

Peebles Poultry Club Show
Peebles Poultry Club Show

There’s some wonderfully fowl business taking place at Peebles’ Walkershaugh Community Hall as the largest one-day poultry show in Scotland rolls into town.

Peebles Poultry and Bantam Club Championship Show has 1,416 entries, with more than 50 breeds of every shape, size and colour in attendance.

The exhibitors are coming from all over the United Kingdom into Peebles – many staying over in town.

One of the Northern Irish exhibits is a yokohama male with a tail that can grow up to 1m in length. A special expanded cage is on order!

The event also hosts the breed club shows for the Scottish Pekin Club, Hamburgh Club, Serama Club and Scottish Waterfowl Club. Pekins are one of the most popular breeds shown and they come in 12 official colours. These breed classes are also very competitive and it would be no surprise should the best of breed go on to contend for top honours.

Wyandottes are also in attendance at the show in great numbers, while this year’s hydro trophy for points will go to the True Bantam section with 234 entries, one of the most heavily-supported classes.

This year the eggs will be judged by Bill Oldcorn of Preston, who will be looking for exhibits being near to perfection in shape, shell texture, colour and size, with a fresh appearance and bloom.

Eggs at the show come in all shapes, sizes and colours. from green and plum-coloured, to dark brown, as well as white and cream. There are also decorated egg classes for adults and children.

A well-supported auction will again take place, with 24 selling pens of exhibition-quality birds.

The junior handling competition sees five exhibitors all under the age of 11 being assessed by the judge.

The show is open to the public between 1-3.30pm and entry is free.

Catalogues of all the breeds and colours will be available for just £1.50, so visitors can understand what breeds they are seeing.

In addition to this, the committee members are always happy to help if visitors have any questions.

For more information please see the clubs regularly-updated facebook group, Peebles Poultry Club.