Farmers invited to open up…

FARMers are being urged to open their fields and gates and invite the public in on Open Farm Sunday in June.

Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF) says its annual open day helps explain farmers’ dedication and skill and the story behind food.

LEAF Scotland chairman Dave Roberts, who has run Open Farm Sundays at the Scottish Agricultural College’s Crichton Royal Farm in Dumfriesshire, said: “It’s a great way to explain your farming operations. You don’t have to organise a big event and you can restrict it to the times that suit you. There are some great examples of events held for 30 or 40 local people lasting just a couple of hours. On our farm, we started off small but have built the event up gradually, and this year we are expecting around 250 visitors.”

Activities farmers organise include tractor and trailer rides, farm walks, watching work with stock such as shearing, and showing visitors how the needs of wildlife are balanced with modern food production.

The open day, on June 12, will be the sixth annual event run by the charity which helps farmers produce food with care for the environment and farm registration is open now. For more information see