Electric cars – one year on...

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Borders College has embarked on a number of key sustainability initiatives and last year purchased two Nissan Leaf 100 per cent electric cars to add to their fleet.

The cars, which are run by lithium-ion batteries and are quiet and economical, have been running for just over a year and collectively they have completed 9,000 miles and used 1,485 kwhrs from the charging posts, which equates to an annual running cost of just £133 in electricity. This in turn has saved 1.8 tonnes of CO2 emissions, as well as a financial saving on fuel of approximately £850.

More than 60 per cent of the car journeys made by the Borders College fleet of cars are below 50 miles, with many of the journeys being between campuses, and this makes the electric cars ideal for these journeys.

There are two dedicated parking bays at the Borders campus in Galashiels, where the cars can be charged up from 0-100 per cent in four hours, as well as charging facilities at Hawick and Newtown St Boswells campuses.

The college intends to run the two cars for the foreseeable future, with ongoing savings on fuel, but more importantly, they have zero emissions whilst driving.