Earlston international parcel post assurances

LOCAL Earlston community councillor John Paton-Day has moved to allay fears over the future of the village’s post office.

Last month TheSouthern reported concerns at planned changes by Post Office bosses to some of the services offered.

This sparked anger from several councillors - Mr Paton-Day among them - over what appeared to be the apparent axing of the international parcel post service.

However, it now turns out this will not be the case, with the only change to the international parcels service provided at Earlston Post Office being a weight restriction.

“I believe that there are a number of people in Earlston under the impression that the post office in Earlston may be closing - I can say that I have no information that even suggests that,” Mr Paton-Day said this week.

“I am also aware that there was insufficient detailed information given with regards to international parcel post. The facts are that only international parcels over 2kg will be dealt with in Melrose and everything else concerning small packages and letters is staying at Earlston Post Office.”