Drew Moore is to captain Peebles BID to build business

Positively Peebles has appointed the town’s rugby club captain, Drew Moore, as development officer to work towards the formation of the first Business Improvement District (BID) in the Borders.

Positively Peebles has been awarded Scottish Government and LEADER funding in support of its proposals to form a BID, which is expected to be formed after a ballot of businesses in June 2011.

A BID is an initiative where businesses work together and invest collectively in improvements to their business environment. Positively Peebles wants to build on the success of existing concerns, to ensure that they become more successful and that Peebles retains the attraction of a diverse range of quality shops for locals and visitors.

Mr Moore will be responsible for progressing the BID.

As well as being captain of Peebles Rugby Club, he is a former West Linton Whipman.

Mr Moore said: “We are all aware that we are living in difficult times and following the recent public spending cuts, traders in the town may be finding things tight for the foreseeable future.

“It’s difficult but we need a positive solution to improve things. We can make more of an impact as a collective unit than trying to work individually.

“This is a time to reinforce the identity of the town as a premier trading environment while keeping the local identity that has served the town for decades. I’m ready to work on behalf of the local businesses to make the environment better.”

Mr Moore’s initial remit will involve meeting as many local businesses as possible, to gauge opinion on the issues affecting local traders. All businesses will have the opportunity to express their opinions, concerns and issues through meetings, forums, one-to-one consultations and a questionnaire that will be distributed to the 300-plus local businesses.

A business plan will be drafted and discussed and will detail all of the information needed for a business to decide whether to support the proposals put forward in a ballot.

A positive ballot result would establish a BID and the money from a business levy would be spent improving the designated area.

It would be a not-for-profit organisation, and the funds generated would be spent solely on the improvements highlighted by the local businesses in the business plan.

Businesses are encouraged to contact Mr Moore at info@positivelypeebles.co.uk