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A BORDERS health practitioner is practicing what she preaches, and aiming to change her life ... and other Borderers who seek her help.

Rosemary Dean of Down To Earth Health, in Darnick (pictured), is training to become a Zest4Life practitioner, focusing on healthy weight-loss and well-being.

Zest4Life was set up by Patrick Holford, a nutritionist, author and founder of the Institute of Optimum Nutrition (ION).

This is the first time Zest4Life has been available in the region.

Rosemary, who is celebrating 10 years in the Borders in June, said: “The benefits are many – a healthier weight, balanced blood sugar which alleviates tiredness, mood swings, reduces the risk of diabetes, or if diabetes type 2 is already present, reduces the need for insulin. It’s also fabulous for heart health as triglycerides are reduced and all the cardiovascular system is helped. The brain also is helped, there is increased concentration and focus – no more foggy brain.”

To kick start the new programmes. Rosemary is offering a free trial of four to six weeks for anyone interested in the new programme, starting at the end of March. Anyone interested should get in touch with Rosemary by March 10.

For more information contact Rosemary on 01896 822590, email: or visit visit