Denholm petition plan in broadband battle

Denholm and District Community Council is launching a petition to demand better broadband connection and charges in the area.

Locals have complained they are getting a raw deal – and they want something done.

The council is urging people in the area to put their names forward in a bid to force BT into action.

Council chairman Bruce Simpson said: “Whenever you see adverts on TV or in the printed media for super-fast broadband at ever decreasing cost you have to read the small print, or else do it online for 20 minutes, until you come to the same final statement: ‘not available in your area’.

“No matter which service provider you check, the same thing happens. We are stuck with a sub-standard broadband system and to make matters worse, they charge extra.”

Mr Simpson was at a meeting of the Borders Digital Forum when Scottish Secretary and local MP Michael Moore said there were no quick fixes. He said: “If we push hard enough and make our voice heard, I am sure something could be done to help not only domestic users but, more importantly, business users in an area that needs much developmental support.”

The community council hopes to get at least 250 signatures – the minimum required to be given serious consideration by BT.

Denholm and district residents can sign the petition at the local post office or email their support to Mr Simpson at