Compensation for mobile users

VODAFONE has agreed to compensate customers in Hawick who suffered signal blackouts during the majority of April, according to local MSP John Lamont.

The Conservative member met officials from the mobile phone giant in his Hawick office to discuss the service problems which plagued Vodafone users.

And he says anyone affected by the recent issues will get 20 days of compensation.

Mr Lamont said: “Vodafone acknowledged that they’d not been quick enough to deal with the problem. They were also extremely apologetic for the inconvenience caused to the many customers who were affected by the loss of service.

“However, I wanted to know what Vodafone would be doing to stop this happening in the future.”

Mr Lamont, MSP for Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Ettrick, said Vodafone agreed to review how its customer services team handles calls and to quickly carry out repairs to the problematic mobile mast which services Hawick.

He added: “Vodafone has set up a dedicated team to deal with compensation claims from customers in the Hawick area affected by the service failure. Although the service returned occasionally during the second week, Vodafone have agreed to compensate affected customers for 20 consecutive days.

“For Vodafone customers who think they may be entitled to compensation, they should contact my office on the High Street for more information.

“I hope that Vodafone now understands the impact that its service failure had on local residents and that it will do everything possible to stop it happening again.”