Case against Broadmeadows

We write to thank the many correspondents whose letters have been printed in your columns, and to express the concerns of the Clovenfords and District Community Council and of the Ettrick and Yarrow Community Council about the planning application for a windfarm development at Broadmeadows which will come before the Scottish Borders Countil (SBC) Planning Committee on Monday.

Our councils are not opposed to wind turbines; we acknowledge the need to achieve national targets for energy generation from renewable resources. But the proposed Broadmeadows development is in a location which is unsuitable and unacceptable for a windfarm for a number of reasons.

The site is near the summit of a ridge overlooking sections of both the Tweed and Yarrow valleys. As a result the proposed windfarm will be clearly visible from many properties in Clovenfords and it will dominate the community of Broadmeadows. We fear that well over 100 householders will have a view of this intrusive development from their windows or gardens.

The site is directly adjacent to, and in places within 250 yards of, a scenic upland section of the Southern Upland Way – a National Long Distance Route used by many locals and visitors.

The site will intrude on the views from a section of the walking route of the Duchess’s Drive.

The development will be visible for several miles along the A72 and the A708; routes used by local people and tourists.

The construction phase will, for many weeks, disrupt road traffic between Edinburgh and the Yarrow valley, and will scar the hills through and above Broadmeadows with tracks and concrete foundations.

In our opinion, the proposed development will have an unacceptable visual impact as it will dominate the landscape and will be out of scale with the surrounding landform. As it is on a ridge, the proposed development cannot blend in as some wind farms do; it will stand out and will diminish the views of, and the attraction of, the surrounding countryside – one of the unique features of our beautiful Borders.

We are sure that our elected representatives on the planning committee will give full and fair consideration to the application, but we sincerely hope that they will find against it and will refuse planning permission.

Stuart Bell

Secretary, Clovenfords and District Community Council

Alison Maguire

Secretary, Ettrick and Yarrow Community Council