Builder celebrates industry awards success for challenging house construction job

BUILDERS JMS Harkin Ltd has been commended at industry awards for a single home development near Biggar, which provided unique challenges.

The regional National House Building Council’s Pride in the Job Awards ceremony was held in Glasgow last week.

The Jedburgh-based firm used a number of local tradesmen in the building of Hopecarton, a four-bedroom house in a rural setting, which was completed in May.

However, access to the site made it a particularly challenging build for those involved –the only way in was over the Tweed via a bridge with a 12-tonne weight limit.

This meant a lot of materials had to be unloaded on one side of the river and ferried across in smaller vehicles.

After collecting the commendation at the awards, site manager Robbie Lindores said: “This is a great achievement both for me personally and for everyone else involved. We worked as a team and I’d like to thank James, Mike and Steven Harkin at JMS Harkin Ltd and all of the men and sub-contractors on site for their efforts.

“Without their commitment and hard work this award might not have been possible.”

Mike Harkin, managing director, added: “As Robbie Lindores is the site manager, the award rightly goes to him for his good work and high standards on site.

“His supervision and attention to detail ensured quality workmanship and good progress on site.

“For a small builder like ourselves this was a team effort from all involved and we are all very proud and excited to be associated with this recognition for Robbie as it reflects positively on all of us.”

Mr Harkin added: “There was a lot of hard work put into this house, from Robbie and myself, the architect and client, sub-contractors and everyone else on the team. We all pulled together to make this a great project overall.”