Borders bus drivers are best

Twenty-five Borders bus drivers have been recognised as some of the best on the road.

The drivers, who operate from First’s Galashiels depot, have been presented with the ‘GreenRoad Fleet Elite Award.’

The award is based on driver’s ‘DriveGreen’ performance and is designed to reward and recognise the safest and greenest drivers within the business.

First’s unique DriveGreen system, which was launched in First Borders in 2009, is designed to provide customers with a safer, smoother journey, whilst also reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

A DriveGreen ‘traffic light’ monitor is fitted to vehicle dashboards on every one of First’s buses, which helps show the driver how well he/she is driving. The monitor displays a static green light if the driver is driving at low risk, or flashes amber or red if a bus driver carries out an unwanted driving manoeuvre such as heavy braking or rapid acceleration.

Points are given for each event and the fewer points a driver has, the better their DriveGreen score is.