BorderDealz meanz businez is kept local

THE FOUNDERS of an online Borders guide offering special deals across the region hope that it can help the local economy.

BorderDealz works in a similar way to established UK companies such as Groupon by offering cut-price offers on various products, though it is solely focused on the Borders area.

Scott Brotherston of Galashiels set up the company with Innerleithen’s Wayne Meredith last year – they previously worked together for the now defunct Comet chain.

Scott believes customers and businesses can benefit from the scheme. He said: “The main reason for starting BorderDealz was that the likes of Groupon and Wowcher didn’t seem to have a real presence, if any, in the Borders.

“We believed this is because the Borders has a population of about 100,000 people which is scattered in little pockets here and there, and it wouldn’t be as easy to market, compared with the cities.

“We have so far promoted deals for everyone from restaurants to genealogy companies and we have managed to obtain our very own Borders-based email list.

“Another reason we started was because we were fed up of seeing so many local businesses closing down.”

Scott went on: “The likes of Groupon charge huge commissions but we do not.

“We want to help get the word of local businesses out there without them having to break the bank.

“The other side to this is that we know a lot of Borders business ends up online or in Edinburgh, Carlisle or Newcastle. By allowing local businesses a modern and cost-effective platform to promote deals, Borderdealz is encouraging customers to stay local.”

Scott said BorderDealz offers a deal from a business on its website. The customer buys a voucher and gives it to the local business which has offered its services or goods, which is paid by BorderDealz.

As well as the website – – Scott and Wayne also use social network channels such Facebook and Twitter.