Blindingly good ideas to brighten your home

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Have you noticed how the longer days and brighter evenings can change the look of the rooms in your home?

I know we don’t see much sunlight in Scotland, however, the rays may cause damage to the delicate fabrics in soft furnishings, including curtains, cushions and upholstry.

Kensington Charcoal

Kensington Charcoal

Blackout blinds can help counteract this.

Roman, roller, wooden Venetian and vertical, pleated or velux blinds can all be custom-made to suit your windows, and can be created using various styles of fabric, from the plain to the exotic.

If you have lots of windows or a conservatory in your home, having blinds as an option to close at midday when the sun is at its height can be very useful.

Conservatories are fantastic assets to your home, but can become overheated on warm days. Available are special-effect blinds that block the sun and reduce the heat in the summer months, but will keep the heat in during winter.



And with spring definitely in the air – we’ve even seen some beautiful, if still chilly, sunny days this week – many people will be looking for ways to give their home a lift.

Wooden or cane conservatory furniture can be given a fresh look for the summer by changing the fabrics on the seat pads or new cushions, for example. Your choice of fabric will ensure each has a special, personal feel.

Blues and terracottas that are in tones this season look especially good in a conservatory.

Changing the lighting is a great way to make your conservatory plusher and more sophisticated, including chandeliers, floor/table lamps and wall lights.

The shades can be custom made to match the décor of the room.

Cushions are again a classic way of introducing the in-seasons colours to your home. Fabric off-cuts from curtains are sometimes enough to make a cushion cover.

Custom-made furniture can be created locally by most good carpenters – another way to make your home unique. These pieces of furniture can be painted or varnished to add charm or a unique style, depending on the room.

Pieces can sometimes be more cost-effective for your needs than commercially acquired.

D41862 ECLIPSE 04

D41862 ECLIPSE 04

Many people don’t want naturals greys in their homes as it can be seen as a gloomy colour, but actually it is a timeless look. Wallpaper and paints are now available with new special effects. You can personalise your wall art by altering colour photos to these greys tones.

The shabby-chic style is still a desired look for any home. Creating this look is easily achieved by introducing vintage or upcycled lampshades, photo frames and ornaments.

Sunrooms and summerhouses can be smartly dressed in deck-chair stripes and spot fabrics, which are easily available from most local stockists at reasonable prices charged per metre.

Moving out into the garden area and with the May bank holiday almost upon us this is where we all hope to be spending it – enjoying barbecues with family and friends.

PVC fabric is readily available, in many different patterns, and will not only brighten your garden party when used as tablecloths, but they will make your life easier as they are hygenic and wipeable.

Deck chairs can be given a new lease of life by replacing the fabrics, and a new range of all-weather fabrics can be used to make outdoor seating cushions, which will ensure added comfort of most patio furniture.