Bell rings in new era for business group

THE Federation of Small Businesses in the Scottish Borders has appointed a Coldstream-based businessman as its new chairman. Graham Bell, managing director of Graham Bell Associates, said he welcomes the challenge of leading the 700 small business members in the Borders in difficult times.

“I would like to thank my predecessor Phil Titley, of the George and Abbotsford Hotel in Melrose, for his efforts over the previous three years,” said Mr Bell.

He went on: “I also would thank the board of the Borders branch for their support and intend that we shall be pushing hard for the things our members see as important.

“They welcome networking opportunities. They also welcome learning opportunities to help navigate the sea of legislation threatening to drown small businesses.

“The committee and I will be holding events all around the Borders, covering matters of interest to different business sectors, different localities, but always trying to create entertaining sessions for our members to enhance their businesses’ prospects of success.

“We will also be expressing our views candidly to all political parties at all levelst to get what is best for business clear in their minds, and to encourage them to support Border businesses and their ability to keep people in work, whenever they can.”