Angel investors’ 10th anniversary

Leading Scottish angel investment group Tweed Renaissance Investors Capital (TRI Cap) celebrated its 10th anniversary at a reception at Ochiltrees Resturant, Abbotsford, recently.

Since its first investment meeting in 2004, TRI Cap members have provided both investment capital and strategic management support to 35 businesses in Scotland and the North East of England – seven of which are based in the Borders.

The anniversary celebration was attended by many of TRI Cap’s 64 members and supporting staff, as well as representatives from fellow angel investment syndicates, business angel association LINC Scotland and Scottish Enterprise.

Robert Dick, chairman, said: “The driver for TRI Cap has never been to just make money for its investors – although obviously that is a desirable outcome – rather, our main motivation has been the very real desire to make a difference to people.

“We also wanted to make a difference to the economy of the Borders – an area from which many of us had already derived success (financial or otherwise).

“It was arguably quite an act of faith as we had no idea whether anyone would join us to invest or indeed whether there were local businesses which would welcome us as investors.”

In fact, over the last 10 years, TRI Cap members have invested in 35 companies, providing £9.25million to fund deals totalling £52.5million. It is also estimated that TRI Cap members have match funded and drawn down around £6million in partnership with the Scottish Co-Investment Fund.