A good roast on offer at Galashiels

BORDERS shoppers were treated to free samples of local roast lamb by farmers in Galashiels supermarkets Tesco and Asda on Saturday.

NFU Scotland livestock committee member, Jedburgh farmer Stephen Withers said the local product was one of the finest worldwide.

He told TheSouthern: “We believe we are producing a top quality product to very high standards and by giving the public a taste, we hope they will support local farmers by buying a bit more Scotch lamb in the future.

“Consumers already have a tremendous appreciation of what a difficult year this has been weather-wise for farmers in the area.

“That has brought extra cost and a lot more time and effort on farm, getting lambs ready for the market.

“The good news is that lots of Scotch Lamb will be available in the coming weeks and the support of shoppers and their supermarkets at this time would be just the tonic in a difficult year.

“It would give local farmers a real boost before lambing starts again later this spring.”