Bus sabotage harms whole community

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AT the moment, Borders businesses are struggling to cope with the worst recession since the 1930s.

Local families are having to deal with rising prices and increased fuel costs. If ever there was a time in recent history for Borderers to band together, it is now.

That is why it will shock all of our readers to learn of the moronic attack on buses run by MacEwan’s from its depot in Jedburgh.

Three buses had windscreens and windows smashed. More worryingly, sugar was poured into the fuel tanks of all three vehicles.

This was only discovered after the broken windows had been repaired, when one of the affected buses was out on a normal service run.

Thankfully, the bus broke down on the outskirts of Hawick while carrying just one passenger.

However, such action could have caused the compressor, which supplies air for the brakes, to fail.

If that had happened, say, while the bus had been packed full of kids during a school run, the consequences could have been horrific.

Police say it appears the premises were deliberately targeted. MacEwan’s is not only providing a much-needed service in an area where public transport is vital, but also creating local employment.

Let us hope the police catch whoever was responsible before any further acts of similar criminal stupidity have lethal consequences.