Bus driver Jim’s book goes 
on a magic journey

James Inglis, author of A Magic Triangle.
James Inglis, author of A Magic Triangle.

A Teri bus driver is inviting readers to take a trip into another dimension.

James Inglis, a hypnotist and musician who has driven buses for Munros for almost 30 years, has penned his second novel titled A Magic Triangle, which is a tale of wizards, ghosts, time travel, mystery and intrigue.

Mr Inglis, wrote his first book, an autobiography called Music, Memories and Me, in 2009, and its relative success prompted him to write this latest story, which is available to download onto Kindle from Amazon.

He said: “I wrote a book about myself and it did pretty well around about here. I was getting other ideas and I decided to write another book.”

The ideas, he added, came to him on his daily bus route: Munro’s 68 Service from Jedburgh to Edinburgh.

“While I was driving up to Edinburgh, I’d be constantly thinking of ideas,” he said, “then jotting them down during my break, and writing it all down at night.”

The story, which is aimed at teenagers and adults, centres upon a schoolboy by the name of Dylan Jones, whose class trip one day reveals strange happenings that begin a chain of events.

In later years, these events send him on a journey into the spirit world, following a meeting with a girl from another time who helps him stop the destruction of two worlds. 
Mr Inglis said: “It’s taken three years to write but I’m really pleased with it and excited at how well it’s doing. I’m even considering sending it to Disney and Warner Brothers.”

Mr Inglis is no stranger to showbusiness, having auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent twice, and worked as a stage hypnotist. “I can’t quite put my finger on where the inspiration came from,” he said. “I had lots of ideas and I think it’s a really good story. I put it on Amazon to be downloaded three or four weeks ago and it was getting a few sales, mostly from people I know and through work.

“Amazon have a five-day free promotion every 90 days and within that five days I had 138 downloads from America, 43 from the United Kingdom and four from Denmark.”

And it is proving equally popular locally.

Mr Inglis added: “I used to sit in the rest room during break time and my colleagues would come in and ask me what I was doing and I’d tell them ‘I’m writing a book and it’s going to be a hit’.

“A few of the drivers have downloaded it because they enjoyed reading the autobiography and they’ve said it’s really good.”

A Magic Triangle is available to download from Amazon for 93p.