Bus cheat denies Steve glory

A PEEBLES policeman was a bit bronzed off this week after being cheated out of a medal.

Running at the Salomon Kielder Marathon on Sunday, Steve Cairns, 44, was convinced he had taken third place until the prize was awarded to another competitor.

Following several complaints, however, fellow athlete Rob Sloan admitted he caught a bus to complete the last six miles of the race.

Cairns wrote on the Marathon Talk website: “I was third the whole way, but somehow I crossed the line and was given fourth. I asked the third-placed runner where he passed me.

“He said ‘15 miles’, I said ‘No you didn’t’ as I had a five-minute gap at that point. He said he did and walked off.

“I informed the organisers who had been told Sloan had been seen getting on and off a bus, and had been dropped off near the finish. I will get my prize, but he has stolen my glory and my moment on the podium.”

A former Northern Ireland steeplechaser, Cairns was the winner of this year’s Peebles Beltane 10km race and is a member of the world-famous Hunters Bog Trotters.

Race organisers have confirmed Cairns’ account of events.