Bus best option to keep Borders on the move

What a shocking article on the front page of TheSouthern last week about Scottish Borders Council telling us where it will cut back on bus services and how much it will save.

I know times are tough for everyone. However, Colin Douglas (passenger transport manager), as a council worker your main working week will be Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm. I may be wrong – and if so I apologise.

But before you kill off Sunday bus services, please spare a thought for all those workers in retail who, due to public pressure, now work seven days a week – some can’t drive, depend on the bus and are paid minimum wage.

Did you know the minimum wage for a 16 to 18-year-old is only £3.64 per hour? – bear that in mind when you allow for increase in bus fares.

I work shifts and even at present can’t get home on a bus when I stop at 11pm. Public transport should be mandatory, 24 hours a day, like in the city. The Scottish Government keeps telling us to use public transport and leave our cars at home, yet more and more public transport is being taken away from us.

Instead of the council wasting all that money on a train service that will never be used to its full potential, it should invest in the bus and get the Borders moving seven days a week.

Kevin Currie