Building a better team

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The Berwickshire HYPPE panel had a team building day, write Ollie Smith, Rachel Mark, Alex Clough, Iain Richards and Liam Murray

It was held in Chirnside Community Centre to welcome some new Eyemouth people Alex Clough and Rachel Mark, and our new Support Worker, Tanya Easton.

We did a lot of activities. We had a plan of the day which we had to change as Josh was to leave half way through the day. We did some team building exercises with the Great Egg Races and some other games, Crazy Construction and Blind fold Mayhem. Existing HYPPE members did some peer education and taught the new HYPPE members all about HYPPE and about Youth Chex.

The aim of the day was to have fun, become a team and teach the new HYPPE members about what we do and we also got started on our Bronze Youth Achievement Awards and Dynamic Youth Awards.

We had a really good time doing our fun activities and head chef Ollie and sous chef Liam made the burgers for the group.

It is great to finally have some members from the Eyemouth area on the panel. It’s a shame not every one could make it – we had an amazing day.