Broadmeadows wind farm would be horrendous blot on landscape

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I am a regular walker who strongly objects to the proposed Broadmeadows wind farm.

Wind power is a ridiculously inefficient and expensive method to produce electricity, which wouldn’t exist without the £1billion subsidy the industry receives each year from taxpayers.

Why should Scotland build more and more wind farms just to sell the surplus and at what cost?

Why, indeed, in a highly-attractive and sensitive part of southern Scotland, such as the iconic Three Brethren which would be less than two kilometres from the Broadmeadows wind farm. The Southern Upland Way is blessed with truly breathtaking, magnificent and unspoiled scenery around every corner.

The proposed wind farm, if permitted, would cause significant damage to the character of the landscape. It would be highly intrusive and out of scale with the surrounding landscape. The photomontages provided by the developer are self-serving and do not represent accurately the impact that the turbines would have on the landscape.

The cumulative visual impact already compromises the Borders landscape character. If we continue the landscape destruction caused by wind farms will never be reversed. Our Borders will become a wind farm area rather than a place of outstanding beauty.

Onshore wind farms are a horrendous blot on the landscape, especially when they despoil places like the Three Brethren.

I appeal to Scottish Borders Council planning department and the Scottish Government to save our beautiful natural heritage.

There must be more suitable places for wind farms than next to the Three Brethren.

Beatrix Ayling