Brave Kelso teen saves Christmas

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The quick-thinking and bravery of a Kelso teenager on the night of December 23 averted what could have been a tragic Christmas.

Seventeen-year-old Bradlee King was upstairs in his bedroom at the family home in Farrier Court when the incident happened.

His mother Jill had just taken his seven-year-old sister Heidi, 7, to her bedroom, when a line of decorative Christmas lights that was wrapped around the stair banister suffered a short circuit, catching fire.

The flames jumped from the lights to a coat that was hanging on the stair post. Smoke quickly spread around the house, which was thankfully picked up by several smoke detectors.

Bradlee ran downstairs and tried to smother the fire with another coat, while Jill went off to fetch a basin of water.

Seeing the danger, Bradlee fled upstairs and unplugged the lights, as Heidi appeared on the landing. Without hesitating, Bradlee picked up his sister, carried her down the stairs and past the fire, taking her outside to the street and a place of safety.

He then returned to the house, grabbed a second coat, and used it to beat out the fire.

The fire was extinguished, thanks to the presence of functioning smoke detectors and the quick thinking of a young and very brave teenager. As the fire had been prevented from becoming a major incident, the emergency services were not called.

Jill told us: “Bradlee has ADHD and has slight autism, so what he did is even more amazing. He was really efficient, just brilliant. I shudder to think what could have happened if he had not been there.

“Heidi woke up the next morning and said: ‘Bradlee saved my life’.”