Brash play a whole load of Trash

“What do you get,” asks Trash Arts’ Bill Muir, “if you take a group of people aged seven-70, 15 big plastic drums, a bat phone, a scaffolding glockenspiel, a xylophone (all from Trash Arts), trombone, trumpets, saxophones (from the Other Orchestra), funneloniums (courtesy of Scottish National Funneloniums), and mix them together? You get Brash, of course.”

This is the second Brash concert to be organised by Trash Arts, a long-established Borders group specialising in creating music and mixed media from scrap and donated instruments.

“The first session was voted, a mildly hysterical success,” Mr Muir said: “now we are planning another session of this unique grouping and stress relief therapy.

“You are invited to join Trash Arts on our Trash percussion. Brass and wind players and would-be Funnelonium players are also welcome. Come and make up Brash Band 2 for the afternoon on Sunday, December 16, from 3-5pm, at the Church Hall, St Boswells.

“If you want to know more about Trash, contact

“You will find us on Facebook under trash music projects, and the website is:”