Boss keen to start council role after by-election win

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The newest member of the council has said he is looking forward to getting started in his new role after winning last week’s by-election.

Keith Cockburn retained the Tweeddale West seat for the Conservatives, replacing Nathaniel Buckingham, who resigned in July due to work and family commitments.

Mr Cockburn, the managing director of family business Caledonian Colour Printers in Peebles, took the seat ahead of Nancy Norman for the Liberal Democrats.

He told The Southern: “It is a very exciting time to become a councillor, so I just can’t wait to get started.”

Mr Cockburn added that there was no single issue that really stood out for him in the ward, rather a range of issues.

“With the size of the ward and number of small communities in it, there are some big issues that are connected across the whole ward, such as repairs to the roads and work on updating technology like broadband and mobile phone coverage,” he said.

Mr Cockburn added that areas also had some individual issues, such as Carlow’s bridge at Tweedsmuir, a second bridge for Peebles and parking and development in West Linton.

The father-of-three is confident he has the necessary time for his new role.

“I am very fortunate that I am the managing director, so my time is spent differently. It is not like a nine-to-five job, it is much more flexible.

The overall turnout for the by-election was 35.4 per cent.