Borders turbine protestors join mass demo in Perth

Windfarm demo in Perth
Windfarm demo in Perth

Anti-wind farm campaigners from the Borders joined a mass protest in Perth at the weekend against the spread of turbines across Scotland.

Those gathered in the city on Saturday called on First Minister Alex Salmond to halt what they see as runaway wind energy development.

Objectors claim that as the destructive impact of wind farms on the environment and the economy become ever clearer, SNP wind policy has turned into a major rural vote-loser and threatens the independence vote.

Lauderdale Preservation Group spokesman Graeme Steele was among the speakers who addressed around 250 protesters from the south of Scotland and elsewhere.

Mr Steele told those assembled: “He [Alex Salmond] is gambling with the rural vote for independence and he loses more supporters every day another wind farm is proposed.

“With seven new wind applications a day across Scotland, that is a helluva lot of votes he is waving goodbye to.”

Graham Lang, chairman of Scotland against Spin, added: “The Scottish Government’s obsessional promotion of wind energy has reached a new and dangerous low with its setting aside of Lady Clark’s ruling about the legality of wind farm applications.

“Instead of going to war with the judiciary over a doomed policy, the Scottish Government should seize the opportunity for an immediate moratorium and a full-scale, properly-resourced review of wind energy policy.”