Borders showings for collie dog film

Retired shepherd Bert Redpath from Yetholm
Retired shepherd Bert Redpath from Yetholm
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The premiere of a film capturing the bond between shepherds and their dogs at the Maltings, Berwick, earlier this month sold out.

But there are more chances to see To the Border Bred by the local Shadowcat Films in Kelso’s Abbey Row Centre on Friday May 2 and in Yetholm at the Wauchope Hall on May 13, both at 7.30pm.

The one hour and 10 minutes film celebrates the Border Collie breed from its earliest days to the present time and is told through the experiences of those who work with the animals every day.

Featuring local voices from the Borders and north Northumberland, the film showcases many aspects of the lives of a Border Collie including a newborn litter of puppies, the first time that a puppy is taken to sheep and the ongoing training of a working Border Collie.

It also recounts the story of the heroic Sheila the Sheepdog and her involvement in the rescue of American Airmen from the Cheviot in 1944 and includes the Border Collie Rescue UK and SARDA the Search and Rescue Dog Association.

After the first showing, the crew and interviewees chatted with the crowd and there was praise for a compassionate, compelling and thoughtful production, said director Alysoun Sharpe.

She said: “I am delighted with the way the audience connected with the film and the response it’s received. It’s been such a pleasure to meet all the people involved, and their dogs. Beautifully shot by Jim Gibson, the film is an evocation of what it truly means to be a shepherd in the Cheviot Hills, where reliance on the working collie is still paramount.”

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