Borders’ regional right usurped by Edinburgh

Criticism by people in recent years about local authorities’ attitude towards their electorate and deterioration of local services are fully justified.

It is consistent with the continual deterioration in our political system. We can not expect an improvement in our way of life while it is dictated by people who, on coming into the country, change the rights of the British people because the United Kingdom is not run as they wish it.

It is also due to the type of minds attracted to the political system that we find ourselves in the unsavoury mess we are now in through greed for money and power, equally in local government as well as parliament.

The imposition of the anti-democratic single transferrable vote has enabled the Scottish Government and its ministers to transfer the power of the people and their democratic rights to themselves. This has allowed them to diminish local services and destroy the quality of our way of life.

It was through this same vote that Edinburgh usurped the right granted to the Borders to be a region in its own right. So unless the SNP intends to return democratic rights and non-political local government, as well as a referendum on being a member of the European Community, then heaven help the people of Scotland.

Mrs A.G. Allan

(community councillor)

Glenburn Avenue

Newtown St Boswells