Borders pub open again after being taken to task on TV

A Borders pub is open again after shutting up shop for over a week ahead of coming in for criticism on a reality television show.

Thursday, 28th June 2018, 5:03 pm
Updated Saturday, 30th June 2018, 8:13 pm
Charles Taylor at the Horse and Hound Inn in Bonchester Bridge.

Bonchester Bridge’s Horse and Hound Inn reopened at 5pm yesterday, June 27, after being closed a week ago on Sunday.

That closure coincided with Alex Polizzi’s visit to the pub being screened during the current series of The Hotel Inspector on Channel 5 last week and viewers being left in no doubt about how unimpressed she was by it.

Alex Polizzi also visited the Balcary House Hotel in Hawick while in the Borders, but not to inspect it, and she's pictured here with owners Sue and David Watson.

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The 300-plus-year-old village hostelry is currently run by novice hoteliers Rosa and Daniel Callen, both in their early 20s, after being bought by the former’s father, London photographic agency boss Charles Taylor, a year and a half ago.

Ms Polizzi, 46, was hoping to be able to offer advice to the pair after identifying various shortcomings, but, for the first time in her 10 years of presenting the show, her help was rejected and she was asked not to return.

It rapidly became clear on the prime-time programme that the pub being featured on was more down to Mr Taylor than his daughter, with the latter saying: “It was my father’s idea for you to be here, not mine.”

Ms Polizzi noted: “I’m not sure she is as keen as Charles thinks.”

Among the issues she raised were dog dirt outside, dogs being given the run of the dining area, some of the decor not being to her taste, being kept waiting for her breakfast, being greeted by Rosa in her nightwear despite it being mid-afternoon and a discrepancy between the £75-a-night pub’s stated and actual opening hours.

“Why is everything a little bit s*** everywhere?” she asked the Callens.

The inn shut its doors ahead of the show being screened but is now back in business, though neither Mr Taylor nor the Callens were there at time of going to press.

“We have been closed for the last week for staff holiday and refurbishment work,” said Daniel.

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