Borders population set to plateau over next 25 years


Latest population projection figures predict no net change in the size of the Borders population over the next 25 years.

The most recent forecast by the National Records for Scotland (NRS) office shows a change from the previous projections of a rise – made in 2010 – and is mainly based on decreased net migration to the region and fewer births. The NRS office produces population projections every two years.

In a recent report, Scottish Borders Community Planning Partnership stated an increase in households is still projected, but not as great as previously thought.

In its 2012-based projections, the NRS says the number of Borders households is now expected to rise from 52,700 to 56,600 by 2037 – an increase of seven per cent as opposed to the previous projection made in 2010 of a 17 per cent rise.

Census figures for 2001 to 2011 saw population drops in Hawick, Selkirk and Jedburgh.

There were rises in Galashiels, Peebles and Eyemouth (1.9 per cent), with the biggest jump being in Kelso (11.5 per cent).

Local Scottish Borders councillor Tom Weatherston says news of the Kelso increase is to be welcomed. “I think the population figures for Kelso over the last 10 years are very encouraging and show Kelso is a place where people want to locate to and make their home,” he said.

“The town is moving forward with several exciting projects both ongoing and in the pipeline, and improvements to our education buildings is great news for Kelso.”