Borders polluters are named and shamed

The council's Easter Langlee landfill site
The council's Easter Langlee landfill site

Borders organisations were named as polluters in a report drawn up by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).

The Government agency’s latest assessment rated as ‘very poor’ the council’s Easter Langlee Aggregate and Recycling facility near Galashiels and Shane Clark’s scrapyard and metal recycling business at Crowbyres Yard, Liddesdale Road, Hawick.

SEPA said staff at the aggregate site had no knowledge of the site’s licence, there were maintenance issues, nor had data returns been sent to them.

The agency said waste other than scrap vehicles was kept at Crowbyres Yard and no data returns had been filed.

The council’s landfill site at Easter Langlee was rated poor, breaching odour rules, as was Borders General Hospital because of ‘two gross breaches of emission limits’ at its incinerator.

The council explained their aggregate site was ‘not fully functional’ when it was tested last year and said SEPA’s assessment last month gave it an ‘excellent’. Concerning its landfill site, SBC blamed last year’s wet summer, adding it had improved its landfill gas management to cut the risk of smells and upgraded its leachate systems.

NHS Borders said it took ‘immediate steps’ to sort the incineration problem, adding: “An ongoing improvement programme has been instigated which has resulted in our current improved performance rating.”

The Southern tried to contact Shane Clark, but had not heard back from him by the time we went to press.