Borderers stay healthier for longer, new figures reveal

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THE ‘healthier lifestyles’ of Borderers has seen the region come out near the top of a set of figures which give an insight into the health of residents, John Lamont has said.

In the statistics, released by the Scottish Intensive Care Society Audit Group, the Borders comes second for the average age of people admitted to intensive care or high dependency units - 65 years old.

Mr Lamont said: “This will be in part due to the healthier lifestyles of those living in the Borders, but also of the high standard of care received from the doctors and nurses in our NHS.

“However, despite this there is still room for improvement and we all still have a responsibility to take care of our own health and well-being.”

The Borders was second only to the Western Isles for the highest average age of admissions. An older average age shows that people are not having to access urgent medical care until later in their lives.