Borderers’ return project

Through your newspaper, may I record my club’s sincere and grateful thanks to everyone who supported our Borderers’ Return project which, between September 5-8 involved the carrying of a specially-commissioned Flodden banner round a large part of the Borders and replicating the return of surviving warriors to their home towns after the battle of Flodden.

The banner is now safely secured and unsullied in Coldstream, having been carefully and proudly handled by the horse riders of the towns of Kelso, Jedburgh, Hawick, Selkirk, Galashiels, Melrose, Lauder, Duns and Coldstream.

When the project was conceived in 2010, it was expected that the Border towns would fully engage and the response was as expected, unbelievable. Each town responded positively and made their own arrangements for their local leg of the banner’s journey.

Along with my club colleagues, we attended a variety of events during the actual relay, including dinners, concerts, proclamation readings, solemn commemorations, Flodden orations, musical events, bands playing, unveiling of memorials, a Flodden garden opening and luncheons in burgh chambers. These events were truly inspirational and showed the true bond between the towns.

Our committee members were received with the greatest courtesy and it was wonderful to see so many locals turning out.

Within the confines of this letter, there are too many people to name and thank but arrangements are being made to make contact with each person in the coming days. We are eternally grateful to the organisers of each town who attended the five project meetings and to the experienced and proud horse riders who carried the banner.

It was clear right at the start of the project’s conception that we would not be able to include every town but we were extremely grateful that Hawick included Langholm in their concert, and Peebles and Innerleithen attended Galashiels to buss their colours on the banner.

Gerald Tait


Flodden 1513 Club)