Borderers being warned to expect heavy rain and high winds

Heavy rain and high winds are expected to hit the Borders today and tomorrow.
Heavy rain and high winds are expected to hit the Borders today and tomorrow.

Borderers are being warned to brace themselves for high winds and heavy rain today and tomorrow, February 8 and 9.

An area of low pressure named Storm Erik by the Irish Met Office is forecast to hit parts of the region today, prompting a yellow weather warning in forec from midnight tonight until mid-afternoon tomorrow.

“We are going to have a wet and windy 48 hours,” said Scottish Borders Council assistant emergency planning officer Brian MacFarlane.

“Throughout today, we will have persistent rain across the Scottish Borders, with the southern and western Borders seeing the heaviest rain.

“You can expect standing water on all the roads and localised flooding on some routes.

“The persistent rain should clear by this afternoon, although overnight we will see further heavy showers.

“It will also be a windy day, and these winds speeds will increase tonight and through the day on Saturday.

“The Met Office have issued a yellow be-aware warning for wind valid from midnight tonight until 3pm tomorrow.

“You can expect speeds of 50-60mph in inland areas and gusts up to 70mph in exposed areas.

“This may cause some travel difficulties, particularly for high-sided vehicles, and may lead to restrictions on some bridges.”

Inspector David Hynd, of Police Scotland’s Perth trunk roads patrol group, added: “Conditions for travel may be hazardous due to high winds, and extra caution should be exercised.

“If you are driving a vehicle which may be vulnerable to being blown over in such conditions along exposed routes including bridges, please exercise additional caution and plan your route to avoid exposed areas or consider cancelling your journey until conditions improve.

“Previous incidents have clearly shown the dangers of driving vehicles vulnerable to being blown over in high wind conditions and the subsequent danger created for other road users, emergency services and recovery operatives where incidents have occurred due to drivers ignoring warnings.

“Listen to media broadcasts, especially local radio and Traffic Scotland Radio, or visit

“If you are travelling, you should ensure you and your vehicle are adequately prepared for the conditions, making sure you have sufficient fuel and supplies such as warm clothing, food and water in the event you are delayed for several hours.

“Charge your mobile phone and plan your route, as well as alternative routes.”

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