Border writers give voice to anthology

The new, third anthology from Borders Writers’ Forum, featuring more than 100 pages of prose and poetry by 35 local authors, has been published.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 9th December 2012, 1:56 pm

“‘Border Voices – on Scottish Borders and Beyond’ explores frontiers that have meaning in our changing world,” explains its editor Dorothy Bruce on the back cover.

“The international influences that shaped the Scottish Borders for centuries, today are even wider, shaping a landscape and people never afraid to challenge and draw from cultural exchanges.

“In stories, history, opinion, poetry and more, BWF writers explore an eclectic array of sources of inspiration from within and beyond a land that draws them back no matter how far and long the journey.”

Professor Ian Campbell, Emeritus Professor of Scottish and Victorian Literature at the University of Edinburgh, writes in the foreword: “Border Voices walks a tightrope from beginning to end, its footwork deftly balancing the local with the universal.

“This book [is] an explosion of experience from the Borders outward.”

The anthology costs £5.99 and is available from the WRVS shop at the entrance to Borders General Hospital, Selkirk’s Forest Bookstore, Masons of Melrose and the Damascus Drum in Hawick.