Bombing all part of the No voters’ package

One can only admire our “English cousins” for so quickly demonstrating the benefits of being together.

The sum of £3billion (and counting) is to be spent over the coming days bombing more foreigners – a prospect which always makes English Tory juices run. No doubt showering explosives on the latest set of “bad guys” will be as utterly useless and counter-productive as all previous genocidal excursions. But, no matter, there is a fine tradition of never learning anything from history to uphold at Westminster.

And no doubt our “brave boys” will make sure that no civilians who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time will suffer. Their record in Gulf Wars 1 and 2 (and what was it they achieved?) was so exemplary.

It’s good to think that we are tied to these lunatic foreign adventures for the foreseeable future for I cannae think of anything better that we could do with our share of £3billion – and presumably all those hapless No voters are happy with such priorities.

After all, it’s all part of the package that they voted for.

Richard West

Inch Park