Blooming insult to the Queen

What a shambles! Surely the parks and gardens department responsible for Kelso memorial garden can do better than this? Has it, as it were, lost the plot?

Surely it wasn’t beyond the capabilities of the head of department to have planted some blooms in time for the diamond jubilee weekend. Other areas and events managed it, and Chelsea manages a complete flower show every year, come drought or deluge. Compared with some areas, Kelso hasn’t had it too bad weather wise this year, so there is no excuse in my opinion.

I think it is a huge insult and shows contempt for the Queen. How many diamond jubilees do we get to commemorate in a lifetime?

What is the betting that this garden will be decoratively laid out and full of flowers, ready for the Kelso Laddie celebrations – but I would like to remind the council that our memorial garden was created to remember members of armed forces who gave their lives for King/Queen and country. So the Queen’s diamond jubilee should surely have taken precedence this year.

I consider the empty and, even worse, half-empty flower beds to be an act of provocation and an insult to the Queen.

Scotland is not a republic yet and even if it does get independence I believe it intends to stay loyal to the Queen. I am by no means an avid royalist, but on this occasion I stand with the proverbial “disgusted of Tunbridge Wells brigade” or, in this case, “disgusted of Kelso”.

F. A. Read-Powell